It’s a tough question – when is your manuscript ready to stand on its own two feet and go into the big, wide world?

This is the challenge I’m facing at the moment. I’ve finished editing it (oh, but wait, I just thought of “one more thing” I need to do with it!), it’s been read by a couple of beta-readers who have given me feedback, I’ve written the query letter and the synopsis.

But like an artist, it’s hard to know when to stop. When is it time to put it away and say enough? At what point will that final brush stroke take it too far?

It’s fear that’s stopping me from sending it out. While it’s safely at home, I can continue to have my daydreams that my dream agent will snap it up and there will be a bidding war of publishers wanting to buy it. (A girl has to dream big, right?!) Once it’s out there, and I start getting rejections back, well … it’ll hurt!

So it’s time to put my big girl panties on and send it out.

As soon as I do these last few things…