Still chugging along

I haven’t updated where my writing is up to for a while, so I thought I’d give a quick summary of the ups and downs over the last few months.

The downs

  • I didn’t make it through to the final 3 of the Emerald BUT I’m very pleased with my 6th place result. I’m also very proud of my HRW writing buddy, Erin Moira O’Hara who did make it through! Good luck with Monique, Erin!
  • I got my first rejection from an agent. It could have been far worse for my first rejection though – it was along the lines of “I don’t have the time to read your submission (ie my books are full)” rather than “what a load of rubbish!”
The ups
  • I sent my work out into the big wide world! This was a very scary step for me so it was a big milestone.
  • I can start my “rejection slip” pile or wallpaper 🙂
  • After my first rejection, I let myself wallow for about half an hour, then got up and submitted to the next agent on my list. And so the waiting game continues…
  • I’m halfway through writing my next book – working title Elsie’s Place. Elsie’s Place is the story of three women of different generations forming a friendship as they face setbacks and find love. Yes, I was mad enough to write another multi-protaganist novel – 3 POVs this time! Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself – then I realise it’s the voices in my head 🙂
So that’s where things are with me. I hope you’re enjoying the guest posts I’m bringing you and hope to have another update for you soon.


3 thoughts on “Still chugging along

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    Hi Kerrie
    I wondered how you were feeling when I saw the Emerald finalists. I felt for you only because I’ve been there. You try so hard not to hope too much, but it’s still sad when that little rejection (or whatever) arrives. I ended up 4th in First Kiss 2012… I couldn’t stop thinking about that line in the Olympic Games… no one ever remembers who finished fourth. (silly me). I should have been thinking, well done!
    Honestly, we’ve all been there. I never got anywhere at all with agents. In the end I had more luck with Publishers direct… so I’ve gone with that. And then in the end I self-pubbed the latest one.
    And 3 POVs for Elsie’s Place… you and Jenn J Mcleod should get a football team of protagonists together!
    Good luck & big hugs coming to you from SW West Oz.
    Lily M

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      Thanks Lily! I’m still a relative newbie on this writing path so I figure I have time… I’m going to try agents first, then publishers and then re-evaluate. Maybe I’ll look back at the end of that and think my m/s sucks, stick it in the bottom drawer and start the process all over again with Elsie’s place!

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        It doesn’t suck! It will not suck! It finalled in the Emerald and you’ve had people such as Juanita Kees work on it/critique it and say that it’s good. Hold on to that! 🙂
        Lily M

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