I’m delighted to welcome S E Gilchrist to my blog today.

S E’s writing world is “one of passionate romance, adventure, intriguing settings, hot heroes and quirky heroines together with charming side-kicks.”  Her stories are “primarily romances : sci fi / futuristic, historical with fantasy elements, erotic, post-apocalyptic and dystopian.”

S E Gilchrist is published with Escape Publishing, a digital first imprint of Harlequin Australia and Momentum Books, a digital imprint of Pan Macmillan Australia. She’s also an indie author.

Welcome S E! Please tell us, what was the last book you read?

I’m going to say the last two books here as one is a ‘how to’ book. The Newbie’s Guide to Publishing (Everything a Writer Needs to Know) by Joe Konrath, Jack Kilborn and and Barry Eisler. I enjoyed reading this book which in part, details a writer’s journey and has some great tips for writing.

The other book I have recently finished is How to Murder the Man of Your Dreams by Dorothy Cannell. I’m a great fan of Dorothy Cannell’s Ellie Haskell stories which started with The Thin Woman.  These series are funny (often ROFL), with a touch of romance and an unusual murder to solve with lots of red herrings and very bizarre characters.

I love the title of that one! What are you currently reading?

The latest in the series by John Birmingham, Stalin’s Hammer which I admit I started to read at Xmas time and got side tracked. On the romance side, I’m almost finished The Ugly Duchess by Eloisa James. So you can see by my reading lists my taste in literature is quite varied.

And what book is / are next on your reading list?

Since I bought a Kindle late last year, Amazon is my ‘god’. I have way too many books on  my list but some of them are: (in no particular order) Passion in Paradise by Shirley Wine, Kris Pearson, Diana Fraser & Serenity Woods, Rules of Entanglement by Gina L Maxwell, Highland Song by Tanya Anne Crosby, Lily’s Leap by Tea Cooper, Outback Fear by Suzanne Brandyn, Taming the Wild Highlander by Terry Spear, Secret Reflection by Jennifer Brassel, Secrets in Time by Alison Stuart, Dark Vow by Shona Husk, Made for Her by Jessica E Subject, Lauren’s Dilemma by Margaret Tanner, Area 51 by Bob Mayer, The Convict’s Bounty Bride by Lena Dowling, Morgan’s Return by Greta Van De Rol, Redemption by Erica Hayes, Star Crash by Elysa Henricks, Behind the Sun by Deborah Challinor (paperback). Oh and the latest JD Robb book also paperback.  I have six over loaded bookcases and only last week bought another bookcase from Officeworks.  I think I have a problem.

Yes, your problem is you need more bookcases! That’s certainly an eclectic mix!

Tell us about your latest releases.

My latest release is an erotic short sci fi romance, Awakening the Warriors, set in the same world as Legend Beyond the Stars. Awakening the Warriors was a fun write and a challenge as it encompasses my first M/M/F romance.

BLURB: Fran must have been crazy to leave her ordinary, safe life and volunteer as a colonist to terra-form a new earth.

Now she is trapped in a prison cell on an alien planet a zillion miles from home and bound for a hideous death in notorious research chambers. She has one chance of escape: awaken the long dormant sexual urges of the Darkon Warriors shackled in the next cell.

It’s a desperate job, but someone has to do it.

You can purchase Awakening the Warriors via Escape Publishing.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a writer. My favourite words are ‘what if’ and ‘where’ and I have way too many stories in my head. I’m published in the romance genres of sci fi/futuristic, post-apocalyptic, fantasy/pre-medieval.  The current ms I’m working on is the follow on book from Legend Beyond the Stars and I’m also working on a short post-apocalyptic story, a short story in my fantasy/pre-medieval series and a YA novel.

For me, there is nothing like the anticipation of opening the cover of a new book and discovering the world inside.

You can find S E via her blogwebsite, Facebook or Twitter.

Thankyou for having me here today, Kerrie. It’s made me look at the number of books surrounding me and wonder whether I should open a library! Happy reading everyone.

Thanks for sharing your TBR pile with us, SE. And good luck with Awakening the Warriors.