Making childhood dreams come true

When I was a child, I wanted to be a spy. I don’t know why – blame too much Trixie Belden, Famous Five, The Three Investigators… I had a couple of books – Usborne’s “The Spy’s Guidebook” and “The Know How Book of Spycraft” – by the time I had grown out of them, they were battered and dog-eared from me poring over them. (In fact, mine looked a lot like this guy’s – guess I wasn’t alone in my love of the book!) Learning how to write secret messages, create disguises, skulk around so you weren’t seen. I used to creep around our backyard and leave message drops (for myself I assume since my much older sister wouldn’t have joined in!)


(I wonder if my mother still has those books at home somewhere?)

So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about something called “Geocaching“. It’s essentially a treasure hunt using a GPS. People hide caches and leave co-ordinates for others in the know to find! With treasure to swap or a log to sign! It was like my childhood fantasies come to life – except without the trenchcoat. Although I guess you could wear one if you wanted to!

Luckily the idea has appealed to my son as well and we’ve so far found four geocaches. And we’ve also introduced some friends to the sport, who are equally as enamoured.

What was your childhood dream? Have you ever had the opportunity to make it happen (in some way!) as an adult?


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    Trixie Beldon and Nancy Drew, Famous Five and The Hardy Boys … loved them! I dreamed of being allowed to stay up as late as I wanted reading … but alas even as an adult I have a talking clock (hubby who announces the time when I tuck in late). I do get to read a lot, but still feel obliged to stop and go to bed most nights (to be human the next day).

    My brothers and I wanted to buy an old bus and deck it out to travel Australia … we haven’t, yet.

    Living in a tree house was another wish … so far I haven’t, but building a fort/ cubby with my children has been fun. I am thrilled library books and websites exist on the subject of treehouses (both humble and grand), but my dream now is to have ANY space JUST for me, even if it isn’t in a tree. I regularly check our roof space to see if it’s grown enough to be useful!

    Geocaching sounds like fun. What else did you dream of as a child, Kez?

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    I always wanted an attic room. It just seemed so exotic to me! But yeah, treehouses would be a close second! There’s a show on one of the PayTV channels (I think) about treehouses – I’ve seen the trailer for it.

    I wanted to be a writer – which I am 🙂 (And hopefully one day someone will pay me to do it!)

    My other dreams also involved books – being a librarian or owning a bookshop. Something where I could get to be around books all day!

    Thanks for dropping by and sharing, Vanessa!

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    Cate Ellink

    Great post, Kerrie. I remember having spy fantasies…I even applied for ASIO once but the plane got cancelled and I missed the interview, I took it as a sign.

    I wanted to be a jockey – I’m too tall, fat, and get scared when horses gallop. Thought I’d be a show jumper, but prefer horses with all four hooves on the ground!

    I wanted to be an astronomer, but was useless at physics (plus I got sick of explaining it was science and stars not star signs).

    Wanted to move to the country and own a horse…and I did that. It was a great dream fulfilled.

    Cate xo

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      Wow, you applied for ASIO, Cate? That’s so cool!

      I’m glad you have fulfilled one of your childhood dreams!

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    Excellent post, Kerrie, and lovely blog page. What a fab mum you are! When I was a child my overwhelming desire was to find Narnia. Obviously I didn’t as I’m still here. I still look inside big ornate wardrobes sometimes, though, when I’m antique shops. You never know.

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      I love the old antique wardrobes – and yes, you never know! Narnia must be there somewhere!

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    Great post Kerrie. I wanted to be a horse. Somehow I was certain I would morph into a Brumby. I also wanted to be an investigator & solve crimes. Loved Trixie Beldon & the Five Investigators. I wanted to be an ace flyer like Biggles (except I hate heights) and until you reminded me, I used to fantasie about living in a tree house like the Swiss Family Robinson! Of course, everything went to dust as soon as I watched my first episode of Lost in Space & Dr Who. I wanted my own space ship and / or that cool TARDIS. Naturally with a map back toEarth. Fun post. Thanks Kerrie

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      Hmm, the horse one might be a bit hard 🙂 And who doesn’t want their own TARDIS – esp if David Tennant is in it!!

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    Fabulous post Kerrie. I’ve heard of geochaching and wondered how it works. I’ll have to ask you more about it. I’m glad you and the family enjoyed yourselves.

    My childhood dream was to have a sister. I’m still waiting on that one. Lol.

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      You’ll probably have to make do with “sisters of the heart”, Stacey 🙂

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    Fiona Greene


    You’ve got me hooked on geocaching, although I haven’t found one yet. Its’s my kind of thing too – hidden treasure with a hint of technology. I’ve been on the web looking at sites and trying to figure our from the clues people leave where the cache is (without the GPS). I’ve got a fair idea on a few. Now I just have to get out there.

    Now Trixie Belden – I was such a fan! Had the entire set and handed them over to my niece, who gave them back about 10 years ago. I’ve since gifted them again, but after I reread from start to finish. I’d really love for the authors to do a “where are they now?” novel – Trixie would be married to Jim, living in Crabapple Farm, Honey would divorced perhaps, Diana – single and travelling the world. Regan and Miss Trask’s illicit affair would have been discovered. Honey’s dad lost everything in the GFC. I’m thinking you and I and SE Gilchrist should plot this out over dinner at conference and pitch it to the original publishers – are you game?

    My childhood dream – to be a writer. Getting there.

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      Hi Fiona,

      Sorry I was late in replying. I’m glad I’ve got you hooked on geocaching – we tried to find a micro one today and failed miserably 🙁

      Yes! Yes! Yes! What a fantastic idea to have a Trixixe Belden follow up!! I’m not sure I could do it justice though 🙂 I really do have to re-read those!

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    Sorry, Fi, coming in late (as usual :)). I’d love to do a Trixie Beldon follow up!

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