When I was a child, I wanted to be a spy. I don’t know why – blame too much Trixie Belden, Famous Five, The Three Investigators… I had a couple of books – Usborne’s “The Spy’s Guidebook” and “The Know How Book of Spycraft” – by the time I had grown out of them, they were battered and dog-eared from me poring over them. (In fact, mine looked a lot like this guy’s – guess I wasn’t alone in my love of the book!) Learning how to write secret messages, create disguises, skulk around so you weren’t seen. I used to creep around our backyard and leave message drops (for myself I assume since my much older sister wouldn’t have joined in!)


(I wonder if my mother still has those books at home somewhere?)

So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about something called “Geocaching“. It’s essentially a treasure hunt using a GPS. People hide caches and leave co-ordinates for others in the know to find! With treasure to swap or a log to sign! It was like my childhood fantasies come to life – except without the trenchcoat. Although I guess you could wear one if you wanted to!

Luckily the idea has appealed to my son as well and we’ve so far found four geocaches. And we’ve also introduced some friends to the sport, who are equally as enamoured.

What was your childhood dream? Have you ever had the opportunity to make it happen (in some way!) as an adult?