What’s in my TBR pile? – Guest post Linda Charles

Today I’m welcoming Linda Charles to my blog – Linda is a fellow Hunter Romance Writer. Welcome to the blog, Linda.

Thanks for inviting me Kerrie. I love to read and this is a lovely blog because I’ve rediscovered some books I had forgotten about, namely, “Carve Her Name with Pride” which Tea Cooper mentioned. That story was a favourite of mine as a teenager and it left quite an impression. It raises a question I’ve often pondered. Would I answer the call of my country to do as Violette Szabo did and join something similar to the French Foreign legion and risk my life? That’s the brilliance of some books; they do make you stop and think.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I live in the lower Hunter Valley, at Congewai, and enjoy being surrounded by cows, horses and a variety of bird life. Even after ten years of living here, we still love it and never grow tired of staring out the window – the scenery is ever changing. I still work part of the week in Sydney (plenty of reading time on the train to work!). I always have a book within handy reach.

That’s sounds very idyllic! I have family out that way so I know how special it is. So, what was the last book you read?

Now that I have a kindle I find I’m racing through books. I’ve recently read:

Kindle: I read these in a week

Big Girls Do it Better by Jasinda Wilder

Falling into you by Jasinda Wilder – once you find a good author you stay with them. My first YA and I loved it.

Fatal Affair: Book One of the Fatal Series by Marie Force


A French Affair by Susan Lewis – just loved it

What are you currently reading?

I love reading a couple of books at a time. Currently, I’m part way through …

The Chocolate Thief by Laura Florand – this was recommended by Eloisa James on her Barnes & Noble page a couple of months ago.

Bess of Hardwick by Mary S Lovell – I’d heard quite a lot about Bess and wanted to learn more about a woman who came from humble beginnings, became Queen Elizabeth I’s best friend, married four husbands and amassed a fortune – the homes she built are still in existence.

Jerusalem, The Biography by Simon Sebag Montefiore – I love Israel and the history behind this part of the world. This book is so much more than an archeological tour of the region.

Oh some fascinating sounding books there! So time to fess up – what’s on your TBR pile?


Lily’s Leap by Tea Cooper

Outback Fear by Suzanne Brandyn


Losing You
by Susan Lewis – I had to go back for more from this writer

Passionate Ink by Angela Knight

Blame It On Paris by Laura Florand

Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel


Thanks for sharing with us today, Linda. You’ve given me quite a few good books to look out for! Good luck with your writing…


17 thoughts on “What’s in my TBR pile? – Guest post Linda Charles

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    Hello Kerrie and Linda. I so should not come to read these posts. Linda, I haven’t many of the books you’ve listed here. Thanks for adding to be TBR pile 🙂 Like I need anything added to it!

    I loved Wolf Hall. I hope you enjoy that one when you get to it. And I do like the sound of Bess of Hardwick…will have to find that. Actually, you have a great range of books here I’ll have to find!

    Cate xo

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      Thanks for dropping by, Cate. Sorry to keep adding to your TBR pile 🙂

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    Hi Kerrie and Linda. Great blog although I have to agree with Cate. My TBR pile keeps growing. I don’t know how you read two or three books at a time, Linda. I’m a fast reader but only one at a time. I’ve never been to Congewai but it sounds lovely.

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      Erin, I confess to being a multiple-book-at-a-time reader too! I have a pile of half-started books in the bedroom, one in the kitchen, one in the loungeroom. Not to mention the ones on my eReader. I never like to be without a book 🙂 And this way I can choose to read whatever I’m in the mood for!

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    I love these features, it’s always great to see what everyone is reading.

    Linda, I’ve heard lots of good things about Falling into You. The hero was recently in the New Adult Crush Tourney. He did pretty well too. I’ll have to add that one to my ginormous TBR list.

    Thanks for sharing with us. Xx

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      I’m glad you enjoy the posts, Stacey! Glad to found a YA to add to your list 🙂

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    Hi Linda,
    I agree with you Cate, this is such a BAD site to visit (bad in a nice way Kerrie) 🙂
    Linda those historicals grab me straight away, some I had not heard of either. Thanks.
    And don’t you just love train travel IF only for the opportunity to get in a few hours of uninterrupted reading.

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      Hi Mary, Yes, train travel has its advantages – it’s very hard to read while driving 🙂

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    Great blog ladies. Since I’ve moved most of my books are still packed away so you have given me some great novels to look out for to read without having to tackle those darn boxes just yet. LOL

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      On the plus side, Sandie, you live in walking distance to the library! That would be dangerous for me 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

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    I thought I knew and had been to most places, but Congewai?? Is that near the Watagans? Sounds like a really lovely place. Love to see some pics one day.

    I can say I haven’t read any of these novels, although I do have Lily’s Leap on my ipad.

    Yes, definitely a bad site to visit. lol Now I’m off to check out what others can join the forever growing list on my tbr pile. lol.

    Suz 🙂

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      Glad to be of service 😉

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    Hi Linda and Kerrie
    I hear you about reading more now that I have a Kindle. I got mine at Christmas time and I think I’ve churned through 55 books since then, although I don’t finish them all. In fact, I think I’m pickier about Kindle books. Because I do keep an eye out for the freebies, I find sometimes I read two pages (sometimes not even that much) and I’m deleting the book if it didn’t catch me. And some are just shockingly in need of a good editor!
    Of your TBR pile, I have read ‘Big Girls Do It Better’ and I enjoyed it. Wouldn’t rave about it, but I did get to the end.
    All your list sounds really interesting, thanks for sharing!
    Lily M

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      Thanks for dropping by, Lily! You know all about my problems with reading eBooks (*coughs* and looks ashamed…) I promise I will finish HBOB on the conference trip – plenty of time for reading and the eReader will get a big workout!

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        I don’t care about HBOB Kerrie, you read it when you get time! I get a giggle every time I see on my Goodreads and think, well… Kerrie (bless) is still reading it!
        The big SQUEE news for me is that you’re coming to Conference! I am only going to the Friday night cocktail party (naught & nice)… I can’t afford the rest in terms of cash and time away from the family, but I so hope to see you all frocked up and nautical!

        Lily M

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    Oooh, I love the title..The Chocolate Thief, will definitely look out for that book. Blame it on Paris, sounds lovely too. I also can recommend, Passionate Ink by Angela Knight. I got so much info from that book — its more than a book on how to up the ante in your love scenes. Excellent choices, Linda.

      li class="comment byuser comment-author-kpadmin bypostauthor even depth-2" id="comment-2497">

      It’s a great title, isn’t it, SE? And I agree about Passionate Ink – I took pages and pages of notes when I read it!

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