Never ending pack of Tim Tams [Three Wishes Blog Blitz]

Today I’m participating in the Three Wishes Blog Blitz, hosted by author Juliet Madison! From 2nd to 6th September you’ll have the chance to win some awesome prizes at all the blogs participating in the blitz, including mine. All you have to do is follow my instructions below for winning the prize I have on offer, and then you can click over to Juliet’s blog to enter her prize draw, and see the list of all other blogs taking part and enter their giveaways as well.

How cool is that?

Why is it called the Three Wishes Blog Blitz? Juliet’s new  romantic comedy release, I Dream of Johnny, is about three wishes, a high-tech genie in a lamp, and one very unfortunate typo that proves magic isn’t all it cracked up to be…


While I was racking my brain for a topic to write on, the one thing that kept going through my mind was the old Tim Tam commercial where she uses her three wishes on a never-ending pack of Tim Tams.

I couldn’t find the exact one I was thinking of, but this is a pretty good substitute 🙂


So are you a Tim-Tam lover? What’s your favourite flavour? (I can’t believe they have so many varieties these days – and even mini-packs – sooo tempting!!)

I have to admit that I don’t have a sweet tooth. It’s probably heresy to say, but I can take or leave Tim-Tams.

I’m more of a savoury person. Put a bag of chips in front of me and (as my writer’s group can attest) I will just keep eating until they are gone, whether I’m hungry or not. There’s just something moreish about chips / crisps for me.

Savoury or Sweet? (Is this like the battle over which way the toilet roll should go?!)

Leave me a comment letting me know your food addiction and you’ll go in the random draw to win a $10 Amazon gift voucher. The competition closes at 12pm Friday 6th September, 2013.

Once you’ve entered my giveaway, visit Juliet’s blog & enter her giveaway too, and visit any or all of the other participating blogs to enter more prize draws. You could potentially win a whole heap of prizes! Good luck! Visit the official Blog Blitz post here.

13 thoughts on “Never ending pack of Tim Tams [Three Wishes Blog Blitz]

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    oooo why do we have to choose?
    Sweet/savory/low-salt/fried/choc-covered – all snacks are food from the devil ….
    Tim Tams – hmmm, never got the drinking with-a-cuppa-thingy.
    But loved it when they brought out the Turkish delight or Caramel ones.

    I’m sure those chip crumbs on the floor under MY seat at the last meeting, were yours Kerrie 😛

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    I’m not in any draws, Kerrie, since I’m a participant but I just have to say….seriously? There can be no competition between savoury & sweet. It has to be sweet all the way!
    I’m one of those kooky people who has different fads all the time with food. At the moment, its advocado and grilled cheese on toast.

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    I like sweet and savoury…but Tim Tams aren’t a weakness for me. Sure I eat them, but they’re not a favourite. For chocolate biscuits, I’m a Monte or Mint Slice fan. But I really prefer a Monte Carlo or a Venetian. And from my bakers, an Anzac or a sugar and cinnamon doughnut. And definitely salt and vinegar chips.

    I should stop. I need to go to bed, not midnight feast!

    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    Cate xo

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    Ohhh gosh, anything sweet really. It’s total addiction and the reason I can’t lose any weight:( But still I try, that counts too.
    Thanks for the great giveaway and for taking part in this blog blitz

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    ah so i finally see what a tim tam is. great ad! chocolate dipped strawberries and red wine are the addiction du jour. not that you can tell by ever expanding waist-line. 😉 but chips? i’ll eat those, too…

    li class="comment odd alt thread-odd thread-alt depth-1" id="comment-2985">

    Ohh – seems we all have a little problem with those rectangular biscuits!!!

    li class="comment even thread-even depth-1" id="comment-2986">

    Bag of chips definitely, oh kerrie of the blog design I love! And don’t count me either because I’m blog blitzing too!

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    Lee Todd

    Double Choc TimTams and Smiths Chicken Chips…heaven!

    li class="comment even thread-even depth-1" id="comment-3008">

    Mine was chips but for some very, very odd reason the last couple of bags I’ve bought have been revolting…did someone hypnotise me?
    Apart from that, I will never say no to mangoes in any form!
    Thank you for offering a giveaway!

    li class="comment byuser comment-author-kpadmin bypostauthor odd alt thread-odd thread-alt depth-1" id="comment-3023"> has spoken… And the winner is …

    Comment #3 – Cate Ellink.

    Congratulations Cate – I’ll be in touch!

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    Thanks to everyone who dropped by and left a comment!

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    Thanks, Kerrie 🙂 what a great prize to win…more for my TBR pile, yippee 🙂

    Cate xoxo

    li class="comment even thread-even depth-1" id="comment-3037">

    I’m coming in late Kerrie, I remember that ad too.
    I’m savoury. I’m definitely with you on the chips/crisps, and plain sea salt/original are my favourites. Kettle Chips if one really starts digging down into the brand! But Smiths crinkle cuts do it for me too!

    Lily M

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