What’s in my TBR pile? Guest post – Sandie James


Today I welcome fellow Hunter Romance Writer, Sandie James. 

Sandie writes Historical Romance novels set in many eras. Her love of history started from an early age, when her Dad would tell her the stories of their ancestors coming to Australia from England, some as free settlers, others from the other side of the law.
At the age of fifteen, she picked up her first Mills and Boon novel and fell in love with the heroes and heroines and their struggle to find happiness. Then she read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and was lost in the world of Historical Romance, never thinking one day she would find herself writing stories of long ago heroes and heroines.

You can find Sandie at http://sandiejames.blogspot.com.au/

Hi Kerrie, thank you for inviting me on your blog.

Welcome Sandie, can you tell us about the last thing you read?

The last novel I read was ‘The Perfect Kiss’ by Anne Gracie. I absolutely adored the Merridew girls stories. I would highly recommend them for a good read.

TamarNewCoverNow I am reading ‘Tamar’ by fellow Hunter Romance Writer member Deborah Challinor.

What’s it about:

At the age of seventeen, Tamar Deane is orphaned and immigrates to New Zealand in 1879. On her journey she is befriended Myrna McTaggert who is travelling to Auckland with plans to establish the finest brothel in the southern hemisphere. When Tamar makes disastrous choices in the new colony, her unconventional friendship with Myrna proves invaluable. Tragedy and scandal befall her, but unexpected good fortune brings vast changes to Tamar’s life.

Ooh, that sounds good. I haven’t read that one yet. And what’s on your TBR list?

Lord where do I start?

Well besides the mountain of novels, I am yet to unpack since moving earlier this year I have:

‘Midnight’s Wild Passion’ by Anna Campbell, ‘Beyond Fear’ by Jaye Ford, ‘The Raven’s Eye’ by Barry Maitland, ‘Freedom’s Land’ by Anna Jacobs, ‘Fly Away Pete’ by Juanita Kees, ‘Sister Pact’ by Ali Ahearn and Ros Baxter, ‘Eve’s Passion’ by Elisabeth Rose, ‘Jilted’ by Rachael Johns, ‘Promise’ by Cathryn Hein, ‘In a Treacherous Court’ by Michelle Diener, ‘Banished’ by Nicola Marsh, ‘Hope’s Road’ by Margareta Osborn and ‘Virgin Widow’ by Anna O’Brien.

A many and varied list, Sandie! And what are you currently working on?

Currently I’m working on editing one of my Regency novels ready to enter in the RWA’s VPA contest, so I’m not going to give you the name of that one. I’ve been working on this novel like forever I think, but I love the characters and I’m determined to get it just right.

Writing wise I’m also working on another Regency called ‘Captain Seabrook Takes a Bride’.


Captain Dempsay Seabrook needs a mother for his four-year-old daughter. He agrees to pay off a friend’s gambling debt in exchange to marry his friend’s sister Miss Abigail Worthington. Determined not to lose his heart to another woman, Dempsay informs Abigail their marriage will be in name only. That is until Dempsay ends up with amnesia after an accident on their way home after the wedding.

Abigail soon realises her heart is in jeopardy as she nurses her new husband back to health. Gone is the hard man she met just moments before her marriage and replaced with a fun loving and attentive husband.

Thanks for having me Kerrie I’ve had a great time.

Thanks for dropping by, Sandie!

6 thoughts on “What’s in my TBR pile? Guest post – Sandie James

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    Interesting to find out about your heritage Sandie. Convicts. There could be many stories there.

    I’ve read a few of your TBR pile. Some great authors there.

    Suzanne 🙂

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    Oh! We must compare our book shelves and maybe you could fill in some research blanks for me too!

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    What an interesting family history! Definitely the kind of thing you want to explore as a writer.

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    Some great reads in that Pile Sandy, and most are Historical. Fancy that hahaha.
    You keep at that MS and get it in the VPA..
    Good luck

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    Interesting post, Sandie, especially about your ancestors. Family trees can be fascinating, cant they? Good luck with your Emerald entry and your current ms.

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    I’m very late to the party, but dropped in to see who had been showing off their TBR pile lately at Kerrie’s blog. I’ve read a few from your list to, Fly Away Peta is one.

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