Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, Happy Australia Day…




Yes, it’s been a while since I blogged. I’m going to try to do better this year! It’s one of my many New Year’s Goals for this year, along with finishing my 3rd single title, writing a novella and going through the submission’s process with book 2.


In December, most of our writing group (the fabulous Hunter Romance Writers) met for a day out. Part field-trip, part Xmas lunch. We met up at the historic Fort Scratchley in Newcastle for a tour of the tunnels – led by a wonderful old character! We then made our way to a restaurant on the harbour for a lovely lunch and chat. Always lots of chatting 🙂

Early in the New Year, I was able to share the exciting news that book 2 (Elsie’s Place) came 2nd in the Romance Writers of Australia’s Ripping Start contest. That news enabled me to cross one of my writing goals off – to final in a contest. And it gives me the push I need to keep writing!

So right now, I’m finishing off final tweaks of Elsie’s Place, and am about to dive back into Book 3. I wrote 17K of it back in June during the madness that was 50Kin30days. I pulled it back out a few weeks ago, gave it a read and was pleasantly surprised that it’s not too bad! Now I need to do some plotting, character GMCs etc before I add more words to it.

This year I’ll be starting a new guest post series – Share Your Passion. We writer types are obviously passionate about writing, but what else do you live for? What other things put a sparkle in your eye, a spring in your step? Is a sport, a hobby, a charity? Tell us all about it. If you’d like to be a guest poster, email me or let me know in the comments and I’ll add you to the schedule.

At the moment, I’m quite passionate about photography. I made a resolution this year to learn to use the manual settings on my camera – and me being me, I dived into the deep end by joining in on a 365 Photo challenge. The aim is to take a photo each day and include some part of you in it – your reflection, shadow, body, body part, even your DNA (child)!  After only 1 week, I’ve learnt so much about my camera and have been challenged and encouraged by the other participants. You can follow my progress at Today’s photo is the Australia Day one at the top of this post.

So welcome to 2014. I hope it treats us all kindly!




2 thoughts on “Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, Happy Australia Day…

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    Lovely post, Kerrie! Coming from a long line of photographers, who I never try to compete with, I hope you make your 365 … and I want to see every
    single one this time next year!

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    Happy New Year and Australia Day, it seems you re off to a *Snapping* great start Kez!
    Whatever happened to the days where we just pointed the lens and went *click* I’m afraid that’s pretty much me 🙂

    Good luck with your goals in 2014 & congrats once more for your Writing achievements in 2013 :).

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