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The art of stillness



I’m blogging over at the Hunter Romance Writer’s blog today about the Art of Stillness

We all lead busy lives. We are constantly bombarded with images, information, stimulus. This constant chattering in the mind is not good for us mentally, and I think, not a good environment for us to be creative. I know I find it very hard to be creative when my mind is pinging me with a million others things I need to be doing.

What strategies do you have for creating the stillness necessary for a creative mindset?

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  • Hey Kerrie,
    I left a long drawn out comment over at HRW, but I HEAR you loud and clear with trying to find genuine quiet in this day and age. I think you’ve got the best of it with the very early or the late evening – stillness.

    • Thanks Mary :)

  • BTW – I love that you dont moderate your posts. Small bug bear with me – I have genuine blog visitors who pointed out they were disappointed to not see their reply straight away. SO until I have a problem visitor I do the same :)

    • I think I have the settings set up so that I have to moderate the first time someone new leaves a comment, then after that they’re not moderated. Seems to work. I also have a wordpress plugin that eliminates most of the spam!

  • Loved this post Kerrie. Have shared on facebook. :)

    • Glad you enjoyed it, SE. Thanks for the comment and the share :) Much appreciated.

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