editingI’m one of those weird people who prefer editing to writing the first draft.

Editing is fun, putting the polish on words, making your story shine – first draft is pure hard slog that never seems to end! In fact I find it so hard to turn off my inner editor while I’m writing, that I now write long hand (in a notebook, with a pen!) and then type it up and do a quick edit as I go. If I try to write directly on the computer, I get nowhere because I’m editing as I go – but pen and paper let me be more free with what I write.

I don’t know – my brain can be a very scary place at times 🙂

So yeah, I like editing. But it’s still nice when you find something that makes it easier!

A few weeks ago I heard about a website called Autocrit so I checked it out, and within a short time, signed up. (https://www.autocrit.com/) And just saying upfront – I don’t get any kickbacks for mentioning the site. (Although if they’d like to…. 🙂 )

Autocrit lets you copy in your chapter, and generates reports for you. Reports like – overused words, repeated words and phrases, dialogue tags, sentences starting with pronouns and names, plus more. The ones I mentioned are the ones I use most often – particularly the first two.

Overused words and repeated words and phrases must be the most common two reports because they’re also combined in one handy-dandy report for ease of use. I ran the manuscript I’m currently peddling through the site before I sent it out – and even though I thought I’d done a reasonable job with the repeated and overused words before – there were still more there! I swear they breed.

So hopefully the website has enabled me to kill quite a few ‘its, that’s, justs, likes, looked’ and all my other pet words. It doesn’t replace a good CP, or even a good editor, but its certainly effective at highlighting some of those flaws so you don’t annoy your CP or editor quite so much 🙂

You can try it out for free, so why not head on over and check it out. And let me know in the comments if you know of any other cool editing tools!