I love getting out into nature, but it’s something I don’t do enough. I’m pretty sure that will change now – at the start of the year I began training as an Assistant Scout Leader with my son’s Scout Troop. Last weekend we had a 2 day hike through the gorgeous Brisbane Water National Park on the NSW Central Coast.

The hike was supposedly rated easy to medium but given it’s been about three decades since I’d been on an overnight hike, it was challenging at times. There were lots and lots of steep gullies that we had to walk down into (on trails) and then, worse, walk back up from! Carrying all our gear (food for 2 days, water, tent etc) – I think my pack weighed about 12kg.


And while at times I was too exhausted to really appreciate the surroundings, being away for 2 days without distractions like phones and internet was blissful. The satisfying exhaustion of having physically exerted myself in a way I don’t normally, the bad jokes around the campfire, lying in a tent listening to light rain on the roof, pretty sunrises… It was all magic.


Not to mention the fabulous views. (If only they’d put those views at the bottom of the gullies!)



So while I’m sore and bruised, my creative well is also topped up. And I’m pretty sure some of my experiences will find their way into my story at some point in time. 🙂 (I have to admit that toileting in the bush comes with it’s own set of challenges!)