Around the web – action, backstory and cleanups

Around the web


I hope everyone has had a great week. Good news is – it’s Friday! So put your feet up, grab a beverage of choice and peruse these links…


“How many times have you read a great article, or had an idea, or wanted to make a change … but then didn’t?” Turn inspiration into action with these helpful pointers.


Kandy Shepherd talks about how to use backstory effectively in your writing.


You have a manuscript you think is ready to send out into the big wide world? Here is a quick list of things to check before you hit Send.


And for a laugh, check out this video of kids trying to work out how to use an old PC:

2 thoughts on “Around the web – action, backstory and cleanups

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    Hi Kerrie,

    I saw the doc on the kids and old PC’s – was hilarious. hahah
    I remember Bankstreet writer – one of the first writing programs- it took about 35mins to load & used floppy disk (the game Frogger took 55mins) That was when I started writing lol

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      Ha, yes, I remember having to install programs like Office onto PCs at work – with a pile a mile high of floppy disks! It was a good way to waste an afternoon though 🙂

      Thanks for your comment.

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