Today I’m delighted to welcome one of my favourite romantic suspense authors, ARRA winner, RUBY winner and all-round great lady, Helene Young, to my blog with her passion – or at least one of them!

SafeHarbour_cover-1 low resMulti-award-winning author and airline pilot, Helene Young is a Check Captain with Australia’s largest regional airline. Her fast-paced suspense novels star feisty women and sexy men. When she’s not writing or flying Helene’s sailing the seas with Capt G and Zeus, aboard their catamaran Roo Bin Esque.

Hi Helene, welcome to my blog. Do you have a passion other than writing?

I do, Kerrie, and thank you for asking. I had to make a difficult choice to answer this question, though, because flying is definitely a passion that’s consumed me for at least the last twenty-five years, but my new passion, sailing, won by a prodder. (And that sounds like something an erotica writer would say!) I’d dreamed of living aboard a boat for many years and it took fifteen years of hard work to make it a reality. Capt G, Zeus the Salty Sea Dog, and I now live on Roo Bin Esque (a sexy but very voluptuous French catamaran) down in Manly on Moreton Bay.

Tough choice – flying or sailing! How long have you been involved in your passion?

I grew up near the ocean. The first time I went sailing was off Currumbin Beach when a small catamaran got caught in the surf break and ended up beached. I helped the guy relaunch it and for my efforts he took me for a sail to Palm Beach and back. I was about sixteen at the time and I was hooked.

What is it about it that brings a sparkle to your eye / motivates you?

Sailing is challenging, exhilarating, unpredictable and soothing. I love the wind on my face, the hulls hissing through the water and the scattered diamonds of sunlight glinting on the waves. I love the challenge of navigation, the capriciousness of weather reports, and having a new view every day when we’re cruising. I love seeing the colours of the day change from sunrise to moonrise. I love the community of sailors – quirky, diverse and eclectic.

Breakfast on the back deckAnd I love seeing your photos and living vicariously through you – without the motion sickness 🙂

Do you have a funny story about something that’s happened to you while involved in your passion?

Capt G and I raced beach catamarans when we lived in Cairns. We had a boat called ‘Flying Colours’, a little cobra cat, and Capt G took our racing seriously (sheep stations were apparently at stake…)

At one particular regatta at Port Douglas we had a spectacular capsize and I was flung off the trapeze and onto the boom, in the process dislocating my shoulder. For once we were leading the points table, but we needed to complete the last race to win.

A friend’s wife thought I was being a bit of a wuss and came over and gave my arm a wiggle. It hurt like hell, but it did snap back into its socket. The boys then straightened the bent boom using the fork in a tree for leverage and ten minutes later I found myself whimpering, sat on the side of the boat, as we sedately sailed around the course.

And the prize for all this? A hard crafted ash-tray – and we both despise cigarettes!

Ouch!! I hope that ash-tray still has pride of place!

Thanks so much for being on my blog today, Helene and good luck with Safe Harbout!

Her new release, Safe Harbour, is available at all good bookstores, e-retailers and e-book sites. (And strangely enough the opening scene involves a yacht caught in a storm!)

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