Today has been cold and rainy, and I’m deep in synopsis hell – thankfully I’m dragging a couple of wonderful writing friends with me to share the journey 🙂 There is something so painful about condensing an (in my case) 80K+ manuscript into around 300 words and making it tell the story, showcase your voice and make an agent or publisher say ‘Yes. Send it to me now or my life will no longer be worth living’. In 300 measly words. Granted, I write fairly sparsely, but still!

And then to hear the news this morning that Rik Mayall is no longer with us. So sad. I was a late convert to The Young Ones, but spent many nights in the 90s watching re-runs – much to my parent’s complete bemusement. I had the single of Living Doll – and can still quote most of it 🙂 I also enjoyed Rik’s other acting – both his comedy and his more serious roles. He was great as the wheelchair bound detective in a couple of episodes of Jonathon Creek, and I think I even recall seeing him in a Midsomer Murders episode once! He’d pop up in unexpected places.

I’ve been surprised by the number of my friends and facebook acquaintances who have said they’ll miss him. He played such an iconic role and will always be remembered as The People’s Poet.

RIP Rik – you’ll be missed!

Now back to my synopsis and the small town romantic novella I’m working on…