I LOVE a good bubble bath. I used to have baths fairly regularly BC (before child). Then while I was pregnant, it was too hard to get in and out of the bath, so I stopped. When my son was small, he was an horrendous sleeper and our bathroom is right near his room. Once I finally got him asleep, there was no way on earth I was going to do anything – ANYTHING – that might wake him! (And anyone who has had a small child knows they can’t have a bath in peace while said child is awake!) So regular bubble baths were put off even longer until eventually they became a once in a blue moon thing.

A few months ago, I started working through The Artist’s Way with a few friends, and one of the main tenets of Julia Cameron’s system is to have a weekly Artist’s Date – spending time doing something for yourself that feeds your soul. I’ve done things like taking an hour to myself to go somewhere nice, wander around and take photos, or spending time browsing a second-hand bookstore or library, or going to the beach and sitting. But I’ve also added in Sunday night bubble baths.

I fill the bath with hot water, bubble bath and / or bath salts, (never a shortage in my house with relatives who love to buy me “smelly stuff”), light a scented candle, turn off the lights and just lie there, letting my thoughts drift.

In those drifting times, I have blog post ideas pop into my mind (like this one!), plot twists and tangles unravel themselves, characters arrive and talk to me. I let go of the stresses of my week and prepare my mind for the week to come. I reflect.

By taking time out, I’ve improved my state of mind and increased my productivity.

Coincidentally, while I was writing this, a TED talk came to my attention. This guy closes his studio every 7 years and takes a year long sabbatical, and talks about how worthwhile that has been for him. Definitely worth thinking about, even on a smaller scale like taking off one month every year.


[ted id=649]


Do you take regular time out? What’s your favourite way to feed your soul? Are you a bubble bath lover like me?