You know how sometimes the universe decides you need to learn a lesson, and everywhere you turn, you seem to be slapped across with that information? Like when you decide to buy a yellow swimsuit (no, not me!) and suddenly you see yellow swimsuits and ads for yellow swimsuits and even interviews about yellow swimsuits everywhere. Apparently its fancy name is “Frequency Illusion”.

So when things like that happen to me, I sit up and take note.

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of articles and listening to a lot of podcasts which all seem to be telling me the same thing.

Celebrate your achievements.

I know I get so focused on achieving the next goal that I’m guilty of crossing an item off my to-do list without really taking notice that I’ve achieved something. Even if that item was something I’d been working towards finishing for weeks or months. Its like my brain says “Great, I’m done…What’s next?”

And sometimes I’ll look back through my diary or journal and think “wow, I’ve done all that in the last x weeks?!”

In an online course I’m doing at the moment with “inspiration catalyst” Christine Arylo, she calls it “achiever’s amnesia“. Forgetting what we’ve achieved because we don’t take the time to celebrate it and remember how awesome we are and how far we’ve already come.

So this is my reminder to you – and to myself – to take the time to celebrate your awesomeness. Celebrate how far you’ve come. Celebrate the minor victories as well as the major ones.

You are awesome!