Today I’m excited to welcome fantasy romance author, Bernadette Rowley.

Welcome to my blog, Bernadette. Can you please tell us a little about yourself?

Bernadette Photo PromoHi Kerrie! Thanks for hosting me on your blog today.

I’m a veterinarian in my other life, working about twenty hours a week in small animal practice. I guess this is why healing and animals feature in my fantasy romances. Your profession has to bubble to the surface somehow in your writing. I have a husband and three sons and live in Townsville in North Queensland. My two fantasy romances are published with Destiny Romance and I hope to have more available soon.

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A vet! Wow, that’s impressive. Do you have a passion other than writing? (and helping animals, I’d bet!)

I have a passion other than writing which I share with many Aussies and that is cricket. I’ve never played the game but have been a viewer since I was about twelve years old. I can remember getting the autographs of Viv Richards and Jeff Thompson at a school visit one day and I was thrilled. Since then my attachment to the game has only grown.

Do you still have those autographs? They’d probably be worth a pretty penny now! 

Princess Avenger High Res Cover

When I met my husband I learned to score for his A grade games and when my boys came along I scored for their games too. I’m still scoring for the Townsville Wests A grade side and I don’t even have a family member playing! It’s a huge commitment but it gives me a sense of belonging. Most recently I’ve become hooked on the Big Bash. I used to loath 20/20 but I ‘get’ it now after watching a series last season.

So in total, I’ve been involved with cricket for 38 years. Wow! No chance of it changing any time soon as my two older sons are working on careers in the game.

What is it about cricket that brings a sparkle to your eye?

I love what cricket brings to Australia: larger than life characters who are true heroes to many of us. It’s an extremely difficult sport to play well, with advanced skills required in a wide range of areas. Cricket is also a difficult mind game. There is huge inter-country rivalry which always adds a touch of excitement. My favourite form of the game is the test as the fortunes of the two sides can swing from day to day, making for an engrossing battle. But as I said, I’ve discovered that 20/20 is hugely tactical and have developed a new respect for that form of cricket.

Do you have a stand-out moment in your passion for cricket?

One of my stand-out moments was when our A grade side won the 2 day grand final a couple of years ago. I was invited down to the dressing rooms with the boys and included in all the photos. They’re a great bunch of lads. My two oldest sons, Tom and Sam, are in the back row of that photo and I’ll give a copy of my book Princess Avenger to the first person to pick them out!

2Day Final 2012

Ooh a giveaway – exciting!

Would you like to tell us about your latest release?

The Lady's Choice Cover- high resMy latest book is The Lady’s Choice.

Lady Benae Branasar will sacrifice her ‘happily ever after’ for an arranged marriage with a powerful prince who will save her estates and her people. Or so she imagines. But can she turn her back on her feelings for the prince’s squire, Ramón Zorba? Ramon is a man Benae could easily love but he is obsessed with the prince’s daughter and at first tries hard to ignore the beautiful and fiery Benae. As they are drawn inexorably together, Benae and Ramón must choose between keeping their personal vows and being true to each other.

The Lady’s Choice is available here:



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With easy access to  Princess Avenger  from those pages as well.

Thanks for having me on your blog, Kerrie xx

Thank you for being my special guest, Bernadette. Good luck with your writing and your cricket!