Did you know, in the years 1899 and 1900, there was a publication called “The Children’s Newspaper” produced in Sydney?

I love this extract from the 1st edition on Friday, Jan 30, 1899.

“As the first Children’s newspaper in Australia, we make our bow today. It is, indeed, a very wonderful adventure, and it shows how the world is widening for young people. A newspaper for “grown-ups” is a very modern invention, but one for children is absolutely new. Our first issue must not be taken as a fair sample of what we intend to do, because we have to make a start without the assistance of our readers. When the boys and girls of Australia see what we are aiming at they will help us. Here is our first number! We hope to improve on it month by month.”

At the price of 1 penny, it included sections about “Great People”, “Science”, “Facts worth Knowing”, serialised stories and “News of the World.”


It was issued under the authority of the NSW Department of Education. However, it only lasted for 12 issues before closing down – “The CN is only a comparatively small production, but small as it is, the tax on uour editor’s time has been too great and even editors get wearied when they have too much work to do.”