This writing game requires patience, at all stages along the way, and it’s something I’m struggling with at the moment.

I want a contraption I can connect to my brain and have the stories magically appear on the computer. I made up a spreadsheet the other night with a schedule for all the books currently in my head, and at the very slow rate I write, I’m busy until 2017. Which means I have to a) write faster or b) learn patience.

I’m going through the submission process with Elsie’s Place – which means sending it out into the ether and waiting. *sigh* And if I’m lucky enough to get signed up, it will mean more waiting – especially as I’m currently targeting traditional publishers and the time between acceptance to holding my book can be many months.

Add to that there are a couple of unresolved things in my personal life that are leaving me on tenterhooks. I don’t like uncertainty – I like life to be planned and orderly.

It ain’t happening!

So all I can do is wait… And keep writing…

Anyway got a patience pill?!