Today I’m delighted to welcome the lovely Alli Sinclair to my blog.

GEEAlliSinclairAlli Sinclair is Australian born and spent her early adult years travelling the world: scaling mountains in Nepal, Argentina, and Peru, rafting the Ganges, and riding a camel in the Sahara. She lived in Argentina and Peru and it was there her love of dance bloomed. When she wasn’t working as a tour guide, Alli could be found in the dance halls learning tango, salsa, merengue, and samba. All of these adventures made for fun storytelling and this is when she discovered her love of writing. Alli’s stories combine her passion for exotic destinations, the quirks of human nature, and the belief that everyone can dance, even if it’s to their own beat.

Welcome Alli – you’re such a fascinating person so I know we’re in for a treat! Do you have a passion other than writing? 

I also adore musicals from the 1930s-50s and will find any excuse to watch one (I make no apologies if I sing along and it’s out of tune!)

How long have you been a fan of musicals?

Since I was a kid! My Nan was always singing songs from musicals and I have wonderful memories of being a kid and watching the greats like Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. I so wanted to dance like Gene Kelly but alas, my feet were never coordinated or fast enough.

I’ll bet they bring back great memories!  What is it about old musicals that brings a sparkle to your eye?

What I love about musicals from that era is their innocence. Sure, there was a whole lot of behind the scenes angst back then with fear of Communism and McCarthyism (of which I will be exploring in a news series!) but the onscreen vitality of the actors and the sweet stories and the belief that all would be right with the world if you broke into song and dance (oh, if only that could really happen!).

Do you have a funny story about something that’s happened to you while involved in your pursuit of musical nirvana?

 My Nan and I were super excited to see the stage version of Singing in the Rain (one of our favourites) and we had seats in the second row, in the middle. What we didn’t realise is when the actor sang the main song, water would pour down and onto the stage and the actor would kick the puddles, saturating everyone in the first few rows. I don’t think my Nan and I have ever laughed so hard in our lives.

I’ll bet that was a shock!! Can you share a photo of you indulging in your musical passion?

Uh … you really want a photo of me watching a musical? I certainly hope you don’t want a recording of me singing! But here’s a clip of Gene Kelly from Singing in the Rain – enjoy!

I’d forgotten how much fun that clip was!

Could you tell us about your latest release, Luna Tango? Which, it has to be said, is a ripper of a read 🙂

high resLUNA TANGO – #1 Dance Card Series

Tango, like love, is complicated

Desperate to understand the reason her mother abandoned her twenty years ago to become a world-class tango dancer, journalist Dani McKenna delves into the world of tango in the hope of exposing decades of lies and deception that have threatened three generations of her family.

When Dani meets the enigmatic Carlos Escudero—a revered tango dancer and man of intense passion—they work together to understand why her grandmother lives in fear of all things tango, and how the brutal murder of a tango music legend in 1950s Buenos Aires now affects her family.

Despite her lack of rhythm, Dani and Carlos create their own dance of the souls, until the differences in their cultures causes a deep rift. As she seeks to reconnect with Carlos and rebuild her family, Dani finds tango—the dance of passion—becomes a complicated dance of betrayal.

And to really get you in the mood, check out the trailer!


Available now in print and eBook – Harlequin MIRA (Australia)

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Thanks so much for being my guest today, Alli, and all the best with Luna Tango!