Tonight I was Rapunzel’s nanny, a construction worker and a make-up artist at an opera company. How the heck did that happen?!

Rewind a couple of months…

I look after the website for the after-school drama school my son attends and a couple of months ago the director (who has become a friend over the years) sent me a notice to put on it.

“Adult Improv Drama Class next term”

After updating the website and emailing her to say it was done, she emailed back saying “Are you interested?”

I sent back immediately with my reply. “Are you kidding???!! The idea terrifies me!”

Her response – “That’s exactly why you should do it.”

And the worst thing was, I knew she was right. Trapped! The noose tightened even more when I remembered a commitment I’d made to myself earlier in the year. I’d gathered online with a group of friends who were interested in working through Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” book together. From several of the exercises and the fact that I work behind the scenes at productions for the drama school, one of the group commented that Julia Cameron would probably say I was a frustrated actor. I didn’t think that was the case, more that I longed to be outgoing and self-confident like an actor. But I promised myself, and the group, that next time the opportunity arose, I’d do an adult drama class.

Uh-oh! I certainly wasn’t expecting an improv class when I said that!

So there I was. I could have “forgotten” the promise – no-one would have known. Except me. But instead I bravely took the plunge and said I’d do it.

Tonight was week 3. The 1st week I felt like I’d pass out from nerves at the start. But I’ve slowly brought the nerves under control and am having a blast! It’s scary, exhilarating and so much fun! And it’s teaching me to think outside the box, go with the flow, say yes to whatever is offered, not to mention giving me a great dose of laughter each week. Hopefully it will deepen my writing and improve my confidence for when I eventually get to do author talks.

But mostly I’m proud of myself for giving it a go.

What was the last thing you did that terrified you?