Firstly, I’d like to give a special thanks to all my special guests this year who shared their deepest passions with us. To recap in case you missed any…

11/03/2014 Ann B Harrison
25/03/2014 Demelza Carlton
8/04/2014 EE Carter
22/04/2014 Delwyn Jenkins
6/05/2014 Monique McDonell
20/05/2014 Helene Young
3/06/2014 Leisl Leighton
17/06/2014 Kate Belle
1/07/2014 Tea Cooper
15/07/2014 Suzi Love
29/07/2014 Susanne Bellamy
26/08/2014 Bernadette Rowley
9/09/2014 Heather Garside
23/09/2014 Alli Sinclair
7/10/2014 Lily Malone
21/10/2014 Eva Scott
4/11/2014 Phillipa Fioretti
18/11/2014 Sandra Antonelli
2/12/2014 Jenn J McLeod
16/12/2014 Mary Costello

Thank you all once again.

And now to finish the year I thought I’d put myself under the spotlight too.

Do I have a passion other than writing? 

325-oldandnewIt won’t come as a surprise to any of my Facebook friends under my real persona, but I’m a keen photographer.

How long have I been involved in my passion?

I’ve always loved photography but haven’t taken it seriously until this year. One of my New Year’s goals was to improve my photography, and me being me, I jumped into the deep end by signing up to a 365 photo challenge. 1 photo for each day of the day. And not just any 365 challenge, this one requires some part of me to be in the photo. Either a full-on portrait, or part of my body, or shadow, reflection etc. So not only was I attempting to take photos every day for a year, I had to overcome my dislike of having my photo taken. I think I now have more photos of me than I had in the 40-odd years prior 🙂 I’m into the home stretch now, and I’ve found it’s actually changed me. It’s made me more outgoing and more willing to let my quirkiness show to other people 🙂

What is it about photography that brings a sparkle to my eye?

There’s something pleasing about taking a nicely composed photo. It forces me to see the world differently – I’m more aware of light, shadows and small details. It’s fun to lose myself in wandering and taking photos, especially in nature.

Do I have a funny story about something that’s happened to me while involved in my passion?

Since I’ve spent the last 11 months taking selfies – often in public – I’ve had a few strange look along the way. I’ve had people stop and ask if they can help, or if I’ve lost something, as I’m walking (or running) back and forth between my camera and my position. When I started the challenge, I tried to be very surreptitious about taking photos of myself – it took me ages to work up the courage to take one in public. Now I’m more blase. A few weeks ago, I was on the river walk in my home town. I had the camera set up to take a shot of the bridge and river in the background, with just my legs walking in front. I was intent on my shot – had set it up and taken a few test shots, posing in front of the camera until the timer went off, checking the shot, rinse and repeat. I happened to look up to the top walkway and there was a guy standing there laughing at me. I gave him a smile, a wave and continued taking my shot 🙂

Can I share a photo of me indulging in my passion?

Actually, I can share over 300 🙂 This is the link to the photos I’ve taken for my challenge.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my special guest posts this year. I’ve certainly enjoyed sharing my blog with so many talented authors. See you all in 2015!