Cover reveal and flexible goal posts!

I moved my goal posts last week. I said I was going to write 3000 words on Letting Go. I wrote 1600, but I also finished editing my romantic suspense novella, AND I created a cover for the short story I’m going to self-publish. Which was great fun but a major time suck!



So now I’m slightly behind schedule for Letting Go. I want to get the first draft finished this week, so it’s bum on seat and my major focus will be on writing! No word count goal, but I have about 8 scenes left to write.

I survived the first week of being Coke Free – despite the inevitable headaches which arrived on cue around Day 3 and lasted a few days. I think I’ve eaten too much chocolate to compensate though!

Hope you all have a great week, and I’d love to hear your opinion on my cover.

6 thoughts on “Cover reveal and flexible goal posts!

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    Lovely cover Kerrie.
    Yes I agree – everything outside of writing the story is Time – Sucking 🙂
    Get on with Letting Go!

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      Thanks Mary – I’ll get on with it 🙂

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    I love the cover too. Sounds like you’re in a good writing place this year!

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      Thanks Lily!

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    Its a great cover, Kerrie and will suit your story. Fab that you’ve worked on your new ms. Great title.

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      Thanks SE 🙂

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