While my novella, Letting Go, is with my CPs for feedback, I’ve been letting it sit and turning my mind to the next novella. It’s a rural / small-town romance I’ll be self-publishing in November, still untitled. After some brainstorming, I have an idea of my main characters, and a one page summary of the plot. I’ll let “the boys in the basement” chew over the storyline for me while I get back into editing Letting Go and playing around with cover designs.

I’ve also been doing lots of those peripheral writery things like setting up author profiles, filling in tax paperwork, opening a bank account, starting a Pinterest account etc. Oh and I edited my Little Gems short story, Lost Love, according to the instructions and sent it off to be included in the anthology. I can’t wait until August to see it in print 🙂

What I’m reading: I’ve pretty much always got a Nora Roberts on the go – she’s my comfort reading. Currently I’m re-reading Jewels of the Sun – the 1st book in one of her Irish trilogies. I’m also half-way through – and loving – Lisa Heidke’s It Started with a Kiss. And for times when I want something a little darker, I’m also part way through Girl 43 by Maree Giles – a novel based on the Parramatta Girls Home (a Sydney home for “wayward girls” which has been the subject of enquiries recently).

What I’m looking forward to: Our writers’ group meets on Saturday so that always great to get together and talk writing. I’m props person for a play my son’s drama group is putting on at the end of April, so I’m looking forward to scrounging a few more op-shops looking for props and sitting in on rehearsals this weekend.

Some love for you all:

I hope everyone has a great week!