2015-04-22 11.25.33

The Hunter Valley, where I live, has just gone through devastating floods. My family and I were lucky – we incurred no damage, and only the minor inconvenience of being without power, phone and internet for almost 36 hours. Many people in the area are still without power, internet, phone and even water. Many have suffered damage to their home or properties. Unfortunately some lives have also been lost. It’s been a big wake up call to the ferocity of Mother Nature.

Since I got back online – and let me tell you, being isolated from the outside world for so long is a very strange feeling! – I’ve been hearing so many stories of everyday heroes. From those who risked their own lives to rescue people or animals from flood waters, to the thousands of volunteers and paid workers out clearing roads and properties with organisations like the State Emergency Service, Rural Fire Service, and emergency services. The thousands of workers working around the clock to reconnect power and phone services. Organisations opening their doors for people to drop by, shower and recharge their phones, or offering free meals to the volunteer services. People making food for the volunteers or donating supplies.

I choke up when I hear many of the stories. One in particular where a family lost everything except literally the clothes on their back when their house was swept away by the floodwaters. Other townspeople scoured the banks of the river to collect any possessions they could return to them.

Some days I despair of our society. Some days it seems people do nothing but whinge and complain, or attack others because of their beliefs.

But then a disaster happens and people pull together. And I’m reminded when push comes to shove, the world is full of everyday heroes.

Thank you to each and every one of you for making a difference!