Not just my motivation. My character’s.

I wrote well the first 2 days and made my 1K goal.  Then I was thwarted by a few days that were really busy – I did find some words, but not as many as I could have. If I was really into the story, I would have made many more. It wasn’t until I had a hard look at my characters, particularly my hero, that I realised the problem – who my character was telling me he was, did not gel with the motivations I had plotted for him being there.

When I was new to writing, I’d hear people say things like that and think oh come on, you’re the writer, it’s not like they’re real people. But the weird thing is, they do surprise me by revealing parts of themselves I hadn’t thought of. Suddenly my happy-go-lucky party boy was revealing himself as a workaholic with a troubled childhood. Huh?! That’s not supposed to happen! But I’m learning to trust my subconscious.

So a brainstorm with my critique partners, a walk in the afternoon sunshine and I think I’m back on track. I wrote over 2K words today and I’m excited about the story.


Wordcount: 5251 (updated 8th June)