Procrastination Central on Limbo Line

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Uggghhh! I’m having the world’s worst time getting writing again. I have a book scheduled for November that’s part of a series with other authors so I have to meet the deadline. Which means I have to finish the 1st draft this month to get a decent amount of time editing, sending to beta readers etc. And I haven’t even started.

My mind feels like it’s in limbo – always waiting. Waiting to hear back from publishers, waiting to release Letting Go. Something is stopping me. I have a rough outline of the story, I like the characters but I’m finding every excuse under the sun not to put bum in chair, fingers on keyboard. Oh look – pinterest! Oh, I need to make a teaser graphic! Stock photo sites! Surely it all counts as writing, right?!


I’m putting it out there. I’m committing to 1000 words / day this month on my new WIP, tentatively titled Reach for the Stars. (Don’t get too attached to that title – I suck at titles and they inevitably change several times during the process).

Starting today.

Wordcount: 1404 (updated 1st June)

6 thoughts on “Procrastination Central on Limbo Line

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    The little engine that could…Go Kerrie!

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      Chugga, chugga 🙂

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    You can do it!
    Having a word count goal is great.

    I have a few ideas for you, for what they’re worth: Maybe find a new strategy for when you feel stuck. Allow yourself half an hour to feel stuck then have a few phone or Facebook buddies you can call upon to toss ideas around.

    Outlining what the problem is forces you to a). keep writing and b). be specific about what’s up, puts the problem back in the book’s corner instead of blaming yourself. Instead of playing the same soundtrack in your head (oh no, I can’t, I’ll just…). Getting it out, you’ll probably undo the problem yourself before your helper even reads it. Use me if you want, though I’ll be offline after tonight until next Thursday.

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      Great idea, thanks Vanessa. 🙂

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    Keep chugging Kez x

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      Thanks Allison – I think I’ll be right once I get a bit of momentum going. It’s the standing start that’s been an issue 🙂

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