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Uggghhh! I’m having the world’s worst time getting writing again. I have a book scheduled for November that’s part of a series with other authors so I have to meet the deadline. Which means I have to finish the 1st draft this month to get a decent amount of time editing, sending to beta readers etc. And I haven’t even started.

My mind feels like it’s in limbo – always waiting. Waiting to hear back from publishers, waiting to release Letting Go. Something is stopping me. I have a rough outline of the story, I like the characters but I’m finding every excuse under the sun not to put bum in chair, fingers on keyboard. Oh look – pinterest! Oh, I need to make a teaser graphic! Stock photo sites! Surely it all counts as writing, right?!


I’m putting it out there. I’m committing to 1000 words / day this month on my new WIP, tentatively titled Reach for the Stars. (Don’t get too attached to that title – I suck at titles and they inevitably change several times during the process).

Starting today.

Wordcount: 1404 (updated 1st June)