Warrambungle National ParkI spent the weekend away with Scouts hiking in the Warrumbungle National Park, near Coonabarabran, NSW. The area was a large shield volcano, and now heavily-eroded, is home to many amazing rock formations. We managed to complete the hike with only minor incidents and brought them all back in one piece – always a bonus 🙂 I was one of the casualties – being my usual graceful self, I tripped over my own two feet and face-planted the ground, leaving me with a very attractive bruised & grazed chin, knee and elbow! And I’m sure mine won’t be the only painful calves today from the quite steep walk..

As well as the hiking, we also visited the Warrumbungle observatory – due to low light pollution, the night sky is incredible. You’d swear it was a different sky to our home one! We got to look through 6 different telescopes, and observe various stars, clusters and galaxies. It was very cool 🙂

Travelling like that really brings home the size of our great country. We drove for 5 hours and on the map didn’t move all that far at all. I’ve added another trip out that way to my bucket list – I’d love to do a road trip and spend time in the small country towns we drove through and then do the hike again only being responsible for myself! Our slower paced group only did the Breadknife trail, while the faster group completed the full Grand High Tops circuit. The views looked even more amazing from there so that’s been added to my bucket list.

I’m sure I could set a story or two around there so it would be a research trip! Definitely one for the future!