facebooktimesuckI know I spend too much time on social media, particularly Facebook. But when you see your time spent in black and white, it’s quite confronting.

I have a program called RescueTime on my computer, which tracks my usage of applications and sends me an email each week summarising my minutes. I installed it during a bid to increase my productivity some time ago, and to be honest, I rarely look at the emails anymore. But the last one jumped out at me with the amount of time I spent per day on Facebook alone.

Surely it can’t be right? How can I spend two hours each day on Facebook? Then I start to justify it. But that’s where my friends are – if I was working I’d spend time chatting to my co-workers… I have 2 accounts – personal and my author one – that makes it okay, right?? But I have to be active online – its my job…

And I’m ashamed to admit, if I’m to be totally honest, that doesn’t include the times I randomly scroll through Facebook on my phone.

I love Facebook (most days). I love the way it brings all of my friends and interests together so I don’t have to go to multiple places to catch up. I love connecting with people on the other side of the world, or even a few streets away and seeing what they’re up to in their day to day lives. Most of the time it makes me smile, it makes me think, it inspires me.

But really, there’s a lot more productive things I can be doing with a fair chuck of that time! And I know I use it mindlessly – when I’m waiting for something to load, or if I’m bored with what I’m doing, or it’s too hard, etc etc I’ll switch to Facebook and before I know it, I’m sucked into the vortex.

So I’m going to make an effort to cut that time down and replace it with something more productive – exercise, journalling, writing to name a few. I’m not sure how is the best way to achieve it yet but I’m going to try. And hopefully even work my way up to a whole day without using Facebook. The thought of that makes me twitch.

My name is Kerrie Paterson and I’m a Facebook addict.

Any hints from reformed social media addicts?