henley-beach-sunsetToo long since my last blog post – my sincerest apologies! I don’t know where the time has gone. Oh wait, yes I do!


August was a month of travel, with a quick trip to Melbourne to visit my sister, followed by the RWA conference in Adelaide and an extra week enjoying the sights. That already seems like a lifetime ago, but the conference was amazing as always. It’s so inspiring to catch up with my writing friends – and always so sad to say goodbye to them!






September was straight back into the final weeks of term, with two Scout camps, rehearsals and the usual stuff that goes on in life. Oh and there were some writing deadlines in there as well.



I’m juggling two manuscripts at the moment – I need to do a second draft of Secrets based on feedback from my CPs, and I’ve also been hard at work writing a first draft of a new story (working title: Bound Together). And now we’re back into Term 4 – possibly the busiest term of the year. So while I haven’t released anything new lately, rest assured I am still here, and I’m still writing!

I’m expecting 2017 to be a fantastic year!