hunter riverThe last seven months have been a challenging time for me personally and there hasn’t been a lot going on as far as writing goes. But now life has settled down (mostly) and I’m attempting to get back into a routine.

The Teen and I have been fortunate enough to find a lovely rental cottage in the gorgeous historical village of Morpeth. We fell in love with the house at the inspection, applied and were passed over. But we were then contacted to say the successful applicant had fallen through, and would we like the property? Would we ever! Being a history nerd, living in aΒ house that’s over 150 years old is seventh heaven for me! It does come with a lot of quirky features though – like the fact that none of the walls or floors are straight and nothing lines up, but we love the character. I can’t wait to try to find out the history of the house. Hopefully the landlord will let us stay here for many years.

Coming from living out of town for close to two decades (and all of the Teen’s life), it’s been a challenge to get used to things like having neighbours so close and the amount of traffic. But it’s such a joy to have a small supermarket and shops (and art galleries, gift shops etc!) within a few minutes walk. Before it used to be a forty minute walk to the servo if we ran out of milk. Now we just pop down the street and back before the kettle has even boiled!

But the big thing for me is living so close to the river. Water has a soothing and rejuvenating effect on me, and now I can be at the river in five minutes. I’ve walked down nearly every day so far for my daily renewal and just sit and watch the flow of the water. Expect lots of photos! (If you follow my author pageΒ or my instagram account, you’ve already seen the first of many!)

So now edits have hit my desk for Bound Together and I’m about to get stuck into those. That is, when I’m not unpacking boxes or watching the ducks on the river!