IMG_5394I’m curled upon the lounge with my laptop, enjoying the knowledge that I don’t need to go anywhere all weekend. Which is pretty remarkable when, looking back through my calendar, it’s the first full weekend I’ve been able to spend at home since late June!

Last weekend was our writer’s group Xmas party. We toured a local historical house, Grossman House, then had a lovely lunch at the Heritage Gardens Cafe. How can it be December and time for Xmas parties already?! I have no idea where the year has gone!

To say the last 6 months have been busy is an understatement. If you follow my author page on Facebook, or my Instagram account, you’ll already have seen photos, so know some of what I’ve been up to. Teen and I have been on two road trips (more on that in another post), we’ve been flat out with rehearsals and the production of Much Ado About Nothing with the local theatre group (I was stage manager), and I’ve started a day job.

Going back to work has been an adjustment. After around 15 years of working from home as both freelance computer programmer and a writer, having to get dressed and drive to an office each day isn’t how I would choose to spend my time. But since son and I like to eat and travel places, not to mention pay rent, a pay packet is certainly a handy thing! And I have to admit I’m getting lots of inspiration from some of the characters I work with or deal with in my admin job. Some of the stories fall under the “truth is stranger than fiction” heading!

I’m fortunate that I was given a chance to get back into the workforce after so long out of it. And I do like the people I work with so the days are enjoyable. But even working part-time like I am, I’m struggling to find that elusive work-life balance, struggling to carve out the time and mind-space to get back into being creative. It will come. I just need to make a start.

The best news for me is that my muse is back! I’d been worried I’d never have another story idea, but at the moment, I have so many new ideas, as well as a couple of stories I need to finish, I can’t decide which one to work on. So I think I’ll be like the taco girl…