As I mentioned last post, Teen and I packed up the car with tents, sleeping bags and other miscellaneous camping gear twice over the last five months and headed off on road trips.

The first trip was a trial run – five days heading north to Coffs Harbour and back. It was a time to work out what we’d packed that we didn’t need, what we hadn’t packed that we did, what our expenses would be and how we preferred to travel – eg plan out every hour of the trip, just go with the flow or somewhere in between. (It turned out somewhere in between was the answer!)

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The second trip was the biggie – 32 days, 4800km, 3 states and 1 territory! We headed south down the NSW coast, along the Victoria coast, drove the length of the Great Ocean Road, before heading up to Adelaide. Then back inland to Canberra via Ballarat. We did a mixture of camping in tents (even the night it got down to -4C in Ballarat!, and the days of solid rain in Apollo Bay), cabins and a week at my sister’s apartment in Melbourne.

Teen and I both love taking photos, so much of our time was spent at picturesque spots and walks. We did very little in the way of “touristy” things. But we saw so many magical places it would take more than one blog post to talk about it. It was a full-on trip, and we were quite exhausted when we got home! But we certainly made great memories! I expect many of the scenes may find themselves in a book or two in the future 🙂

More photos over on Instagram.

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