2018 goalsAre you a goal setting or do you prefer to go with the flow?

Yesterday was our first meeting for the year for the Hunter Romance Writers. It was only a small gathering but the discussion was very vigorous (ie we talked a LOT!) as we caught up on each other’s news, discussed our goals for the forthcoming year and shared the difficulties we were currently facing.

SE Gilchrist presented us with a few exercises on how to find a balance in our lives. It’s so hard to find that elusive balance – wanting or needing to write being pulled against other commitments like family, work, volunteering. Not to mention finding the time to take care of ME – the part that often gets neglected until we fall in a big heap and can’t go on.

I’ve taken steps already this year to take better care of myself. I’m eating better, losing weight, walking most days, have started back at yoga and am trying to meditate. Of course, it’s early in the year – let’s see how I go once the craziness of the school year kicks back in.

My writing goals are to write a second book in the Jacaranda Avenue series, following on from Return to Jacaranda Avenue. I’ve started but I’m still at the point where I’m trying to get to know my characters so it’s all very disjointed. I’m hoping to be able to send that off to the publisher around September, but that will depend on what happens with my day job.

After that, the current plan is to write the 3rd book in the Hope Creek series. It’s been a while since I’ve been in that world, and I love the township and people.

However I also have a secret passion project that keeps popping into my head begging me to write it. I’ve already been lost down the Trove rabbit hole a few times! That’s why my goals are so important to keep me focused.

I’m definitely a goal setter. I love a good ten, five, three, one year plan. Monthly and weekly goals help to keep me on track. I find I flounder if I don’t have them – or get lost forever researching on Trove!

Care to share your goals for the year?