slothI had a very light load this week before school and activities started back up. I had high hopes to be majorly productive. But instead – nada, zip, zilch.

I blamed the weather. It’s been hot and humid and disgusting, and I don’t cope with hot weather. I haven’t been going for my walks because the heat made me lazy. I haven’t been eating properly because I didn’t go for my walk. Because I’m not eating healthily, my mind has shut down and I just want to nap. When I haven’t been at work, I’ve basically become a sloth in front of the air con.

I blamed the Teen. Every time I did try to start writing, I’d be interrupted by the Teen. (I know right, how dare he want some attention from his mother?!) It seems I’d just fire up Scrivener, or get a dozen words in and he’d want to talk or watch a video with me. And once I’m distracted, it’s far too easy for me to fall down the social media rabbit hole.

But really I should be blaming myself. I know all the things I should have been doing to get me out of the funk. I just wasn’t doing any of them. Heck, I even defrosted the freezer as an avoidance tactic!

  • Pomodoro timer – I could have set my timer for 25 mins and sprinted. The pressure will often kick-start my brain.
  • Lock myself away – Did I go into my room and shut the door so I could write? No, I sat on the lounge with the laptop – basically an invitation for interruptions. Was it any wonder the Teen would wander out and want to chat?
  • Freedom – I should have used an app like Freedom to block the internet so I didn’t get distracted by cute animal videos (sloths wearing onsies!) or constantly refreshing facebook or twitter feeds.
  • Reached out to my writing buddies – I have many writing friends who would have been only too happy to kick my butt and make me accountable if I’d reached out to them and said I was struggling. But I didn’t.

So I know what I need to do today to attempt to make up some lost ground!

How has your week been? Any more productive than mine? What other tips can you recommend to get my butt back in the chair?!

Have a great week!