Week 3 of my new job has drawn to a close and I’m settling into a routine. Still more fine-tuning of my time management to do, as I’m now also tutoring an online university unit at night! It’s a position I’d applied for and started the training before I was offered my new job, and the opportunity was too good to pass up. It’s all part of my ultimate plan to be able to work from anywhere 🙂

And I’m considering signing up for a copywriting course next month as well, as another step along that path. Because I don’t have enough to fill in my time!

Speaking of stepping along a path – I went exploring on the Central Coast last weekend. I had to take the Teen and another Venturer down to an all-day course and rather than make the boring trip up and down the freeway more times than necessary, I found a walk to do instead. It was a spectacular day and a very pleasant walk of about an hour from Long Jetty (on the lake) to The Entrance beach. So I meandered along, had lunch and then wandered back.

I still had time to kill, so I spread the picnic blanket out under a shady tree and lay down intending to read my book. I fell asleep instead! (which was just as nice!) Luckily I woke up in time to collect my passengers 🙂

We had our writers group on Saturday – only a few of us could make it, but we had some great discussions about habits, challenging ourselves and being accountable. Hopefully that’s kicked my butt to get back into my writing.

Another busy week coming up with jobs 1 & 2, activities, and going to see David Strassman  (the ventriloquist)! I also have edits to do this week – luckily they don’t look too extensive. Stay tuned for an announcement on that – hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I can spill the beans!

How has your week been? Have you visited somewhere new or tried something out of the ordinary? Anything exciting coming up this week?

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