pexels-photo-698865According to Urban Dictionary (not usually a site I cite!) the definition of a pyjama day is as follows:

A day, usually on a weekend or during a day off, when you have nothing to do and sit around lazily in your pajamas, not leaving the house. Often involves eating cereal for every meal and excessive television/video games.

I had a spontaneous pyjama day yesterday. I suddenly realised I had to take the book I was reading back to the library and I was only 200 pages into a 600 page book! (Kate Morton’s The Lake House). So I sat on the lounge, ignored everything I was supposed to do and read (I did get up for food for myself and the Teen – and I did stretch to more than cereal – but that was about it!). By the time I’d finished the book, it was 5pm and I hadn’t achieved anything for the day!

But I did need a day like that. It’s been an exhausting week – the first at my new full-time job. It’s the first time I’ve worked those hours in an external workplace for about 16 years so it’s been a bit of a shock to the system! Apologies for the lack of social media interaction this week.

I’m enjoying working in a creative environment though and the first week seems to have gone well. It already feels like I’ve been there much longer than a week – in a good way! It’s been a challenge fitting everything into the new routine – more fine-tuning is needed. Especially for nights I get home and pretty much have to gulp some dinner, turn around and go back out again to activities. I even resorted to one of those “healthy” freezer meals this week – not something I want to rely on.

But I’ll get there at finding a time for everything. At least I have to park around 10 minutes walk away from my office, so that’s 20 minutes of exercise I’m getting each day 🙂 It helps to counteract all of the sitting.

So what about you – are you a fan of the pyjama day? When did you last have one and what did you do?

(Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels Not me, and not my bed – although I wish it was!