Another new horizon

Another new horizon for me. Changes at my day job have meant that I’ve taken the plunge and gone out on my own as a copywriter / copyeditor / proofreader, with a sideline of WordPress websites 🙂 My new business is called The Writing Nook if anyone wants to look me up! (Like the unshod shoemaker’s children, my website is still a work in progress!) I won’t be editing fiction at this stage though – mostly business-related reports etc. But who knows what the future will hold? I’ve given up trying to figure it out!

A major factor in my decision to go out on my own was so that I could have more balance back in my life. I’ve missed the flexibility of being able to set my own hours, to take time to read and to write and to just be. Oh and this introvert has missed hunkering down in her own space and not having to interact with people in an open plan office!

I’m really excited to have the time and headspace to start writing again. I’m freaking out about supporting myself and my son with freelance work, but I’m excited about all of the opportunities!

So I’m open to suggestions for what you think I should write next?


4 thoughts on “Another new horizon

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    Congratulations, Kerrie! Wishing you success on your new venture. Hugs xx

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      Thank you, my dear! I’m looking forward to getting back to supporting each other on our writing journeys! xx

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    Wonderful exciting step for you Kerrie
    Happy to share & support your new adventure amoung friends & working colleagues. Who knows where this adventure will take you!

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      Thanks so much, Mary! Much appreciated!

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