Social media time suck…

I know I spend too much time on social media, particularly Facebook. But when you see your time spent in black and white, it’s quite confronting. I have a program called RescueTime on my computer, which tracks my usage of applications and sends me an email each week summarising my minutes. I installed it during a

The word of 2016 – Consistency

After two awesome weeks playing at being a journalist at the Scout Jamboree, I’m back and ready to kick butt this year. Last year was an amazing year – I want this year to be even better. So far it’s starting that way, having been nominated in the Australian Romance Readers Awards in the Member’s Choice Favourite

Merry Xmas – what a year!

This year seems to have flown by! And looking back, what an exciting year it’s been for me, writing-wise. I made it into the Little Gems anthology for 2015 I was a finalist in the RWA Emerald awards I self-published my first publications – one short story and two novellas I signed my 1st contract

Community Fundraisers

I spent my Saturday working on a BBQ / sausage sizzle fundraiser for our Scout Troop this weekend. To me, the good old-fashioned community fundraiser is such a vital part of a strong community – whether that be a small town, or a neighbourhood within a larger town or city. While some people can’t go