Return to Jacaranda Avenue is out!

Almost a week ago, Return to Jacaranda Avenue launched into the wide world. I’ve been reflecting on some of the differences between launching a self-published book like my previous ones, and this one through a publisher. I have to admit, I’m more nervous with this one than I have been for some of the others.

Finding my way

I’ve been a bit lost in my writing recently. I’m still in the early part of the story so I’m getting to know the characters and it’s been a hard slog. With school holidays etc, my time was fragmented and I’ve been feeling like I’m wandering in the bush without a map, compass or GPS!

Chasing Dreams (Hope Creek Book 2)

Chasing Dreams released on 31st March but somehow, in the hustle and bustle of life, I missed blogging about its release day! I did remember to send out a release announcement via my newsletter, so sign up to get the latest. Can they score a love match the second time around? Almost twenty years ago, Belinda

You always remember your first time…

Last week was a week of author firsts for me. On Thursday night, eight of the Bindarra Creek authors held a talk at Toronto library (Lake Macquarie, NSW) For many of us, including me, it was our first author talk. We had a great audience who were really engaged and asked great questions. We felt