Today was an announcement that takes me one step closer to my dream of being published. My entry made it through to the 2nd round of RWA’s Emerald Single Title writing competition.

The Emerald is a reader judged competition, designed to mirror the submission process. Initially you enter the first 10,000 words for judging. If it makes it through to the 2nd round, you have to submit 3 hard copies of your full manuscript. You have 5 working days to get the copies in!

Those copies go back out to readers for judging again, and the top 3 go to the final judge for placing. This year the final judge for the Single Title section is Monique Patterson, Executive Editor at St Martin’s Press.

So along with 9 other contestants, including my HRW writing buddy Erin O’Hara, I’m flat out doing final last minute revisions and polishing of my manuscript. It has to be sent by Friday afternoon – I’m aiming for Thursday afternoon just in case 🙂