It’s hard to let your baby go…

It’s a tough question – when is your manuscript ready to stand on its own two feet and go into the big, wide world?

This is the challenge I’m facing at the moment. I’ve finished editing it (oh, but wait, I just thought of “one more thing” I need to do with it!), it’s been read by a couple of beta-readers who have given me feedback, I’ve written the query letter and the synopsis.

But like an artist, it’s hard to know when to stop. When is it time to put it away and say enough? At what point will that final brush stroke take it too far?

It’s fear that’s stopping me from sending it out. While it’s safely at home, I can continue to have my daydreams that my dream agent will snap it up and there will be a bidding war of publishers wanting to buy it. (A girl has to dream big, right?!) Once it’s out there, and I start getting rejections back, well … it’ll hurt!

So it’s time to put my big girl panties on and send it out.

As soon as I do these last few things…


7 thoughts on “It’s hard to let your baby go…

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    In all likelihood, after the bidding war has ceased, the victor will ask for an edit. If it’s ‘good enough’ to pass around your friends without a feeling of unease then it’s time.

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    It’s ready, give it a kiss for good luck and send it packing.
    Good luck to you too, it’s a daunting time, but I’m sure all your hard work will pay off.

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    Cate Ellink

    Someone told me that when you’re only changing words, then it’s time for it to go.

    I think that’s pretty fair. When you’re still changing the structure, or tightening paragraphs, or re-arranging sentences, you’re still doing semi-major things. When you’re down to word choice – does it really matter?

    Go for it!

    And good luck.

    I always feel sick after I send it … but then the stops annoying my mind. I just compulsively check my inbox!

    Cate xo

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    Go for it, girl! Kiss it goodbye and FILE it away. Make up your spreadsheets as to who it went to & when & a reasonable follow up date. NOW move onto the next story and get it down. Your CP is anxiously waiting to read it.
    Good luck and everyone crossed for you. xx
    Cate, I’m always compulsively checking something!

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      Thats ‘everything crossed’ not ‘everyone’ – lol.

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    Oooh, forgot to say. Time now to start working on your ‘brand’ too.

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    Hi Kerrie
    I think Sue G is right, but I also think (from what I’ve seen) that you already have a brand and it’s an extremely positive one.
    I have so ‘been there’ and I do hear you. The only thing opposite with me is that if anything, I get so impatient to be finished that twice now, I’ve sent a sub too early and then had to go through the process of contacting the editor and saying: “please delete the file – I’ve got a new one coming”. And I know that isn’t professional, but my editor (Kate Cuthbert @ Escape) has been an angel about it. (Both times!)
    So good luck. Write the next book. Cate E is right too, if you’re just changing words it really doesn’t matter. The Eds are looking for a story they can sell… the odd word here or there isn’t going to matter.
    Everything crossed for you!
    Lily M

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