What’s in my TBR pile? – Guest post Suzanne Brandyn

Today I’m welcoming Suzanne Brandyn to my blog – Suzanne is a fellow Hunter Romance Writer and writes Suspense in Remote Places.

Suzanne Brandyn was born on the edge of the outback of NSW. She pursued life from the hot, red dust of cattle country to our cities and small country towns. She has mustered sheep on a horse and a motorbike, spotlighted for foxes and learned to shoot a rifle, dived the Great Barrier Reef and surrounding islands, speared fish, swam with sharks and dolphins, avoided sea snakes and moray eels, and taken free rides on sea turtles.

With the desire to return to rural Australia but close to the ocean, she now resides in a small, country seaside town with the ocean at her feet and a rural landscape beyond her back door.

Her current release, Outback Fear – a suspense with a touch of romance – is now available.

Savannah Harris is determined to raise her three-month-old daughter in the best possible environment, and returns home to Grace Creek, an inheritance from her recently deceased mother.

But even this peaceful property cannot cocoon her from her abusive husband or a stranger who plans to rip her life apart.

In an atmosphere thick with fear, Savannah realises she cannot keep running, she must fight back or risk losing not only her life, but the only family she has left, her precious daughter.

Outback Fear is available on Amazon or Smashwords.



Welcome to my blog Suzanne. 

What was the last book(s) you read?

Helene Young’s Half Moon Bay. I enjoyed it immensely.

I haven’t read that one yet, but have loved all her others. What are you currently reading?

Last chance to Run, by Dianna Love.  I am loving it.

What book(s) is/ are next on your TBR pile?

This is both from my kindle and hard copy pile. As you can see, the genres are quite varied. 🙂

Heartland, by Cathryn Hein. Three Wolves, by Chris Sheerin. Lucky in Love, by Nicola Marsh, Under the Hood by Juanita Kees, Fast Forward by Juliet Madison, House for all season’s, by Jenn McLeod, Small Town storms, by Elise K Ackers, The house on Burra Burra lane, by Jennie Jones, The Goodbye ride, by Lily Malone, and many more.



I recognise quite a few of those names from my own TBR pile 🙂

Thank you for sharing with us today, Suzanne. You can find Suzanne at:




9 thoughts on “What’s in my TBR pile? – Guest post Suzanne Brandyn

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    Cate Ellink

    Hey Suzanne,
    Half Moon Bay was incredible, wasn’t it? I hope you have lots of “feet up” time to read your TBR pile.

    Cate xo

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      Thanks for dropping by, Cate. I haven’t read Half Moon Bay yet although it’s a must!

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    I haven’t read any of the books on your TBR, Suzanne. I do like the cover of House for All Seasons, it’s quiet pretty. I hope you find time to work through your list. They never seem to grow any shorter.

    li class="comment odd alt thread-even depth-1 parent" id="comment-2146">

    I would think you may be getting through some of that TBR pile at the moment Suzanne. I have 2 of the same titles in my pile as well. I enjoy a variety too

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      There’s nothing like having a variety of books underway to suit your mood, is there, Mary? Thanks for the comment.

    li class="comment byuser comment-author-kpadmin bypostauthor odd alt thread-odd thread-alt depth-1" id="comment-2148">

    I know, Stacey – my TBR pile is like the magic pudding 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

    li class="comment even thread-even depth-1" id="comment-2153">

    I am certainly getting some reading done. Some of these novels I have loved, and others not so much.

    It’s great weather for reading in Oz at present, well on the east coast. Cold, dull days with heavy showers, add an open fire and a cosy room and I can hold up in there reading all weekend. 🙂

    li class="comment odd alt thread-odd thread-alt depth-1" id="comment-2158">

    You have certainly done some interesting things, Suzanne. I haven’t read any of the books on your TBR list, although I like the sound of them. With the weather we are having at the moment, it is a good time to do a little reading or writing. Great interview, Kerrie.

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    I love learning about new books to add to my pile. Great interview K & S and congratulations on your new release, Suzanne.

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