What’s in my TBR pile? Guest post – Erin Moira O’Hara

Today I welcome another fellow Hunter Romance Writer to my blog, Erin Moira O’Hara.

Welcome Erin. Please tell us something about yourself.

erinI was born and raised in the Blue Mountains and now live in the hills of Newcastle with my husband and one of our three children. I’m an avid reader of most genres, although I especially like regencies, suspense and comedy. I love to travel and I have a passion for skiing, my family and anything Italian.

When it comes to my own writing, I include the qualities I like most; tension, danger, intense passion, humor and a happy ending.

I’ve had a wonderful twelve months with ‘The Italian Connection’ receiving Third Place in the Australian RWA Emerald Award, a High Commendation in the 2012 New Zealand Clendon and an Honorary Mention in the 2012 Southern Texas, Southern Heat Competition.

I’ve also had a couple of publishing houses request the full Manuscript for ‘The Italian Connection’, so fingers crossed one of them will offer me a contract soon.

This year I also indie published ‘An Irish Rose’ which is a romantic comedy set in 1957.

 Congratulations Erin – it won’t be long now! So tell us, what’s in your TBR pile?

erin_tbrpileMy TBR pile is actually going down. I have a couple of David Baldacci books, a James Patterson, a Fiona Palmer, a SE Gilchrist, a John Grisham and a Christina Brooke, as soon as it arrives.

An eclectic mix there, Erin! What was the latest book you read?

The latest book I’ve read is, ‘London’s Last True Scoundrel’ which is one of a series by Christina Booke. I’ve read ‘Mad About the Earl’ and ‘A Duchess to Remember’ and I’m planning on reading the rest of her Ministry of Marriage Novels. They are well written, witty and sensual. Right up my alley.

 And what are you currently reading?

I’m not currently reading anything as I’m trying to finish my fantasy and doing some critiquing for friends, who are so good they have me up all night.

Isn’t that fun, when you’re supposed to be critiquing but it’s so good you keep forgetting and just read?! 🙂 So when you do finally get some free time, what’s the next book on your list?

sleepingwiththesasThe next book I’m planning to read is, ‘On patrol with the SAS’ by Gary McKay. It’s all in the name of research for the suspense I’m working on, which revolves around a team of ex SAS soldiers, an underworld figure, a determined young woman and a small country town full of secrets. I’m also working on a fantasy/comedy set in the midlands of England along the lines of the Ghost and Mrs Muir. I’m thoroughly enjoying writing this one and my CP’s, beta readers and story editor seem to be enjoying it too.

 They both sound great Erin! Thank you so much for being my guest today and I just know we’ll be hearing news of a contract very soon!


6 thoughts on “What’s in my TBR pile? Guest post – Erin Moira O’Hara

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    Good luck with The Italian Connection, Erin. I’m sure it will find a home really soon. X

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      Thanks, Stacey. If all else fails, I will self publish. It seems to be the way of the future.

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        Hi Erin & Kerrie,
        Don’t you love when you get to read a book in the name of research. I feel the same way about Historicals ….Fiction or Non.
        I can see your name on the cover of your MS real soon Erin 🙂

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    Great interview Kerrie and Erin. Fingers crossed for TIC Erin, I know you’ll do well.

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    Good luck Erin, that all sounds very positive for Italian Connection. And yes, I agree, when you know self-pubbing is an option for you, it takes a lot of that nail-biting pressure out of the whole submission process.
    Thanks for another lovely TBR interview Kerrie!

    Lily M

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    I like the sound of..On Patrol with the SAS – It sounds fascinating. I’ll check that one out for myself. Good luck with your submissions, Erin. Another great post, thanks ladies.

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