Around the web – Stretching, strategic renewal, reading and rejection

Around the web


Another week, another lot of hand-picked websites that have caught my interest this week.


As writers we sit too much – or at least I know I do. Here are some great yoga exercises to help prevent the body seizing up before its time.


I’ve saved this post to re-read and try implementing the strategies. Do Less = Do More – the Art of being Creative + Productive.

I’m a huge fan of the concept of “strategic renewal.” Chasing shiny opportunities, working in a reactive state and dealing with each new email that pops up on your phone is not only exhausting – it’s a way to ensure you get nothing done – and it’s simply not sustainable. “Busy” isn’t success. It’s a lack of priority.



Chuck Wendig is asking “Tell me of a book you read and loved in 2014”. I read so many great books that it’s hard to pick one (both an advantage and disadvantage of having so many great friends writing so many great books!) For something different than my usual romance & women’s fiction, I’m pretty much always reading Jackie French YA books with my son. We’re currently reading Refuge which is great, but absolutely loved the twists and turns in the previous one we read, The Road to Gundagai.

I’d love to know if you had a stand-out read.

And lastly, a very inspirational short video of famous people who overcame rejection. Have a great weekend, and remember, never give up!


2 thoughts on “Around the web – Stretching, strategic renewal, reading and rejection

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    Really enjoyed this post Kerrie,
    Especially The Chair Yoga – it did my Frozen shoulder and spine wonders. Have it in a Youtube folder on my Desktop to open whenever the need arises. Which I’m going to do often.

    Books read this year? – Many read – unfortunately NO real stand outs that made them keepers. I wonder the more I write, pick my Ms to pieces, and judge contests, am I getting tooo picky in my own reading tastes now?

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    For my books this year, I go with Irrepressible You by Georgina Penney, and The Wedding Season by Su Dharmapala.
    Sorry – can’t stay – off to do some stretching! Great idea to find some exercises!

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