What’s Ann B. Harrison’s passion? Guest post

Today I’m delighted to have Ann B. Harrison kick off my new series of guest posts for this year, where I talk to fellow authors and discover their hidden passions – other than writing!

Two for One-highresWelcome Ann, and thank you for being here today. And congratulations on your latest new release, Two for One.

Ann swears she was born with a book in her hand and after years of reading she achieved her dream of writing…and publication.

Her debut novel – Taming the Outback was released in 2012 and since then she has published another five raunchy rural romances and two steamier reads. She’s currently working on a series The Club – destined to blow your mind.

Strong sexy heroines with a good dash of sass thrown in feature in all her stories, and of course a strong, passionate hero or two complete the mix.

With more than a little help from her own handsome hero Ann is living her dream in the beautiful Hunter Valley busy making sexy Australian heroes available to everyone.


Do you have a passion other than writing? Tell us about it.

I love to garden. When we lived in the middle of the desert in Queensland I could only grow bananas and paw paw. Better than nothing but I missed the green more than anything else. Now I’m living in the Hunter Valley on acreage, I’m in garden heaven.


I wish I could garden – every year I have great ambitions but they don’t get far!  How long have you been involved in your passion?

Ever since I was a little kid. I blame my father. He started the family vegetable garden and my brothers and I all got to choose a type of vegetable we wanted to be in charge of. I picked peas and when I grow them even now, they never  make it to the kitchen.


Yum, Fresh peas! What is it about it that brings a sparkle to your eye / motivates you?

The joy of watching something grow. You can’t beat it!


Can you share a photo of you indulging in your passion?

I don’t really have any pics of me gardening but I’ll attach some of my garden.

photo (16) photo (15)


Looks very lush! Finally, please tell us a little about yourself.

I write contemporary romance, some quite steamy. My latest release, Two For One, came out on March 10th and I’m very excited because it’s the first in a series called The Club.

You can contact Ann via her website, facebook, twitter or pinterest.

Two for One, her latest release, can be purchased at Amazon.


Thanks for sharing your passion with us, Ann.

6 thoughts on “What’s Ann B. Harrison’s passion? Guest post

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    Thanks for having me over Kerrie and listening to me rave about my garden, lol.

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    Beautiful roses, Ann.

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    Hi Ann and Kerrie,
    I can so relate to your loving the green in the Hunter comment, Ann.

    We used to live in the middle of NSW and most of the time I lived there was drought – lots of red dirt, and a few roses! When we were looking to move to the south coast, my husband reckoned I only looked at houses with big green gardens! And we bought one that has a small garden but it’s like a semi-tropical rainforest – and every day I love it for it’s greenery, even when the weeds outgrow my weeding!

    Good luck with your garden, and your writing!

    Cate xo

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    I must agree with you Ann. It’s great to watch something grow. There’s a certain amount of self satisfaction there.

    Living in the Outback it was difficult to get something going. Beans did well, but taste did nothing. lol. Roses yes, that was if it rained. They barely held up using bore water.

    I’m curious to know more about Two for One. I thoroughly enjoyed Coming Home. 🙂

    Waving to Kerrie. 🙂

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    Thanks for dropping by Stacey, Cate and Suzanne. Once again, Ann, thanks for being my guest.

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