It’s been a while since I did an update of where my writing is up to. Back in June, I posted that I had finished writing a novella. Well, I gave it a lick and a promise, and impatiently sent it off to an ePublisher before conference, despite suggestions from my CPs that it could be further expanded.

But no, filled with the love of my novella, I sent it off and waited for the magic words of acceptance.

It was rejected…

I’m sure all other writers know the drill. Heartbreak, stomp around the house, muttering things about not appreciating my talent 🙂

And it was rejected because it was too short, too condensed for the story. The types of things my CPs had tried to tell me. So…valuable lesson there. Listen to your CPs! Sorry, ladies!!!

I couldn’t bear to look at it until after conference and was drifting in a sea of ‘it’s all too hard’ when my local CP sat me down, gave me a virtual kick up the bum and got me back on track with a plan.

Have I mentioned how much I love my fabulous, knowledgeable, patient CPs, SE Gilchrist and Juanita Kees?

So that’s what I’ve been doing lately. Revising my novella – it’s on track to expand from about 26K to closer to 40K. I’ve increased the suspense element to it and am digging deeper into the emotions.

When my CPs think its ready, I’ll send it off to the ePubs again, and get started on the next book.

And I’ll leave you with an ear-worm…