348 - happynewyear

I got sidetracked last year. By quite a few other things, but possibly especially by my photography and the 365 challenge I undertook. I certainly don’t regret it but this year I have one goal – to focus on my writing.

Last year had its good points. I wrote a Little Gems entry that missed out by *this much* on being in the anthology. My women’s fiction novel, Elsie’s Place, came 2nd in the Ripping Start and 6th in the 2nd round of the Emerald. I subbed to agents and got a request for a full, but that, unfortunately, was the last I heard from said agent. I then subbed it to all the major traditional publishers with no response.

I started another women’s fiction, then got side-tracked by a shiny new idea which turned into a romantic suspense novella. I subbed it too early, but got a useful rejection back, and was able to expand and deepen the story quite significantly. It came equal 7th in the Ripping Start this year and is currently in the Emerald Rd 1. (Fingers crossed!)

So yeah, when I write it all out, it was still a reasonably productive year. As you probably remember, I had a lot going on at the end of last year and pretty much fell in a heap saying ‘No more!’. I took a break from writing for 6 weeks – which was the best thing I could have done. I’ve come back to it refreshed and brimming over with ideas and plans. While on holidays, I wrote a Little Gems story, formulated my goals and even wrote a business plan and schedule.

I’ve decided to dip my toe into the self-publishing waters this year, while also attempting to get a publishing contract with my romantic suspense novella and Elsie’s Place. I’ve signed up for Cathleen Ross’s online course through RWA about self-publishing and have a plan to publish my ‘missed-it-by-that-much’ 2014 Little Gems short story, as well as two (still to be written) rural / small-town contemporary romance novellas during the year. My hope is that self-publishing will give me a new challenge, deadlines and – eeek – people to actually read my words! (And if I make a couple of dollars, that would be nice too!)

In an attempt to stay on track, I’m going to use this blog to stay accountable. There’s nothing like putting my goals out in public to make me reach them! I’m using both Rescue Time and Freedom on my computer to limit & monitor my internet usage. I have weekly word counts that are doable given all my other commitments (if I put bum on seat!), and importantly for me, I’ve built a few breaks in through the year.

So here goes.

The novella I’m working on is actually a revamped version of the women’s fiction I started and didn’t finish last year, tentatively titled “Letting Go”. My goal this week is to write 3000 words. I’ve only done 770 of them so far, so had best pull my finger out!

Thanks for reading and for your support 🙂