Back into routine…

I think the universe likes to test me.

From when I posted my goals last week, I had several time-consuming and emotionally involved issues thrown at me that had to be dealt with. They would have been the perfect excuse not to get my writing done, but I couldn’t bear to come back after the first week and say I’d failed! So it meant a big writing day on Sunday, but I made my 3000 words! I’m really loving rediscovering these characters again, and fingers crossed, the words are coming reasonably easily.

This week I’m aiming for another 3000 words. School is back, and while for many authors with school-age kids, it means more time for writing, since I homeschool, it means less for me! My son is quite independent with his learning, but I’m still needed to drive him to classes and be there when he wants to discuss or ask questions. And of course, it means all the extra-curricular activities start back for us both.

Speaking of my son, I have to share with you the amazing video he made, featuring me! Some of you may have already seen it on Facebook. I may be slightly biased, but I think he’s done a fantastic job!

I start the RWA self-publishing course with Cathleen Ross today – I’m looking forward to learning all about it!

I’ve also decided to unofficially join FebFast by giving up Coke for the month of February – and hopefully, maybe, for good. I did it before, years ago, and was off it for about 18 months – lost a heap of weight and felt so much better. Once it creeps back into my life, I find it hard to stop. But for now, I’ll focus on a day at a time for 27 days (since I only decided to start today).

Have a great week!

6 thoughts on “Back into routine…

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    Keep up the good work Kerrie … you’ve inspired me. 🙂
    Funny ….. you have a Deb smile … Are you two twins? lol

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      Glad I could inspire you, Mary. I’ll try to keep it up 🙂 Maybe Deb and I are twins??!

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    Fiona Greene

    Hey Kerrie, Great video. Hope this week is treating you well and the words are flowing.

    Fi xx

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      Thanks Fi – he’s done a good job, hasn’t he?!

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    Yes, I agree the universe does like to try us. Good luck with your goals, and the coke goal.

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      I’d be much happier if the universe said instead, “great, here’s a helping hand” 🙂 Thanks!

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